PGA Tour Championship

Unfortunately my first golf article for Almost Varsity Sports has to come in the wake of a Zach Johnson victory and start of to the last tournament of the year – the Tour Championship. While I want to examine the last 4 relevant days of golf for 2013 (no one watches/cares about the President’s Cup), I can’t begin without expressing my hatred for last week’s winner. He acts like he is one of God’s disciple’s, but in reality, the few times I’ve encountered him at local PGA events, he’s has been nothing but a selfish turd. But I digress…Tomorrow marks the Continue reading PGA Tour Championship

AVS’ Hot Soup Week 3

Everybody in the flow of the NFL season after week 2?  Good!  Well everybody expect the Browns, who are already looking forward to next years draft.  We are still looking at this year so here are the Hot Soup picks of the week. Last weeks Results                                                 Season Totals @NotsoLittleJohn                          3-2                               Continue reading AVS’ Hot Soup Week 3

New Yorker attempts to Commemorate Mariano

For most Stadium goers, their  Yankee Stadium experience starts when they get off the Subway stop 161st Street and River Avenue in the Bronx. They walk past the Bars, souvenir stands, street vendors pushing anti-Red Sox/Mets gear, and even a McDonalds on their way to their gate to enter Yankee Stadium. Could you name the Streets you’re walking on?

Waiver Wire Wednesday 9.17

Top 5 Pickups on Waiver Wire Wednesday Welcome to the second installment of the Waiver Wire Wednesday post. Just like last week, we are providing you with 5 hot pick-ups to help your team survive that major injury or underperforming early round pick. As a reminder, here is how our picks are presented: Name, position and team of player Percentage that player is owned in ESPN and Yahoo Fantasy Football leagues Last week’s stat line (catches or rushes / yards / TDs) Next week’s opponent Comments

AVS’ Hot Soup 5 – Week 2

Last weeks Results                                                 Season Totals @NotsoLittleJohn                       3-2                                                                            3-2 @AngelSteve89                          2-3              Continue reading AVS’ Hot Soup 5 – Week 2