Something is Brewing with the Blueshirts

The New York Rangers are in a very interesting spot as an organization right now, they have one of the best goalies of all time still in his prime but do not really the talent for a Stanley Cup.  This limbo is probably the worst place to be as a sports organizations.  You cant blow up the whole roster and let Lundqvist end his career with a last place team but you also do not have the assets to make impact moves. The Rangers went for it in 2014, and they went big.  It almost won them a cup, losing Continue reading Something is Brewing with the Blueshirts

College Football Preview 2016-2017

As the August days fly by, it means one thing, football is right around the corner.  A LONG eight months have gone by since the all too familiar picture of Nick Saban hoisting up a fourth national title while coaching the Alabama Crimson Tide.   In cities across the country, fans are prepping for parties and packing up tailgate equipment eagerly anticipating the turn of the calendar.  Almost Varsity Sports is here for another year with winning predictions, money making bets, and hours of in depth research to make this another enjoyable college football season. AAC Champion – Houston Cougars Continue reading College Football Preview 2016-2017

Hey Joey Bosa, Get to Camp Rookie!

Being drafted into the NFL is a privilege that not many experience.  It is the first piece of evidence that your lifelong dream of playing the NFL is about to come true.  You shake the Commissioners hand put on that cap and get to work.  That is the usual scenario for draftees, that is unless you get drafted by the San Diego Chargers.  The Chargers have a long outstanding history of treating top draft picks like shit when it comes to contract negotiations.  It is almost guaranteed that their first round draft pick will miss some time with a hold Continue reading Hey Joey Bosa, Get to Camp Rookie!

Almost Varsity Sports Podcast Episode 1

This week on the first ever AVS podcast, @NotSoLittleJohn and @AngelSteve89 talk college football wagers and predictions for the upcoming season.  They touch on locks of the year, why Notre Dame sucks, the Highly Recruited and HIGHLY educated, and the first “Almost’s” of the year.

The Baby Bombers Might Be Ready Now?!

Last month the Yankees finally did something they never do, sell at the deadline.  Brian Cashman knew this needed to happen in order for the playoffs to return to the Bronx.  He did an amazing job at revamping the farm system in just one week. They now have a Top 3 Farm System in all of baseball. The next goal is wait it out and see in a few years what Free Agency plus young talent can do together in 2018 and beyond.   But their “problem” might be that the Baby Bombers are ready now to make a real Continue reading The Baby Bombers Might Be Ready Now?!