Almost Varsity Sports’ Hot Soup 5

Almost Varsity Sports is proud to bring you some of the most knowledgeable sport minds this side of the Mississippi.  We have put our four most prolific bloggers toe-to-toe in a season long pick em’ battle so our readers can make lots of money and try to put sportsbooks everywhere out of business.  Follow the hottest soup picker or your favorite writer!  Either way you’re bound to cash in.

So without further adieu, here is the first week of selections for week one…

@NotSoLittleJohn (0-0 this year)

The pick: Cleveland (-1) over Miami
I’m a big fan of what the Brownies have done with this young team.  A very underrated defense paired up with a stud at RB and a very very good number 1 receiver in Josh Gordon.  Even though Gordon won’t be a factor in this game, Weeden has looked great this preseason.  Rumor has it Wallace and Tannehill haven’t really clicked and I think the Browns’ D will quiet Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas.

The pick:  Houston (-3.5) over San Diego
I think San Diego will be one of the worst teams in the NFL this year.  Rivers is done, Matthews will be injured by week 3, and the defense is nothing special.  Arian and Tate run all over this team.  Look for breakout young receiver DeAndre Hopkins to put up some big numbers as Andre Johnson draws the defense all over the field.

The pick:  Detroit (-5.5) over Minnesota
Love the Lions this year.  They were a sleeper team to win the superbowl preseason last year and all they’ve done is add Reggie Bush.  Put him in an offense that threw the ball one of the most in the NFL last year and I think this team will surprise a lot of people.  Don’t be surprised to see a big push for the playoffs, maybe even a division crown.

The pick: Philadelphia (+3.5) over Washington
I think the Eagles are going to put up a lot of points this year.  Vick’s looked good this preseason, RG3 may be out of sync from no preseason.  Alfred Morris can’t catch a pass out of the backfield, and Chip Kelly will answer any questions skeptics have early and often.  Eagles win this one outright.

The pick: New Orleans (-3) over Atlanta
New Orleans at home.  Head Coach, Sean Peyton, is back and I think the Saints do what the Pats did a few years back.  They make up for a lost year (when Cassel was QB) and run up scores all over the place.  The defense will still be bad, don’t get me wrong.  But New Orleans is a crazy place to play and they have some home magic left.  Expecting a lot of wins from this team and I think they could win this division.  Look for a statement game here at home as Drew Brees hooks up with Jimmy Graham early and often to silence any Falcons fans that make the trip to New Orleans.

@Angelsteve89 (0-0 this year)

The pick: Baltimore (+8.5) over Denver
Super Bowl Champs on the road will be trying to prove a point early this year.  It will be a close game that Denver should win.

The pick: Kansas City (-3.5) over Jacksonville
KC is one of the more improved teams going into this year.  Don’t see Jacksonville being able to hang around long in this one

The pick: Seattle (-3.5) over Carolina
Two young, talented QBs will be fun to watch.  I think Seattle takes care of this game with a strong rushing attack

The pick: Indianapolis (-8.5) over Oakland
Big spread by Indy offense will be tough to stop.

The pick: Houston (-3.5) over San Diego
Big fan of Houston and quite the opposite of San Diego this year.  Houston in a blowout.

The Doctor (0-0 this year)

The pick: Patriots (-9.5) over Buffalo

The pick: Minnesota (+5.5) over Detroit

The pick: Carolina (+3.5) over Seattle

The pick: Washington (-3.5) over Philadelphia

The pick: Tennessee (+7.5) over Pittsburgh

@Moefasa11 (0-0 this year)

The pick: Indianapolis (-8.5) over Oakland
Lucks MVP campaign begins

The pick: Tampa Bay (-2.5) over New York Jets
Geno has a reservation for 1 on Revis Island

The pick: Kansas City (-3.5) over Jacksonville
Fat Walrus takes flight over the Jags

The pick: Seattle (-3.5) over Carolina
Even away from home, Seattle’s defense is beastly

The pick: Houston (-3.5) over San Diego
Phillip Rivers is no longer elite and Ryan Matthews is one of my least favorite NFL backs.

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