AVS’ Hot Soup 5 – Week 2

Last weeks Results                                                 Season Totals

@NotsoLittleJohn                       3-2                                                                            3-2

@AngelSteve89                          2-3                                                                            2-3

@Moefasa11                               2-3                                                                            2-3

@Svdubs                                      1-4                                                                            1-4


Week 1 is in the books and it was more like warm soup then hot soup with our picks.  No one said it will be easy and it is a long season, so, lets get into this week picks…


@NotSoLittleJohn (3-2 this year)

The pick: Seattle (-3.5) vs. San Francisco
Bad first week for Seattle.  They fly back across the country to the home of the 12th man.  Colin had a big week for the 9ers in week one.  Seattle will be prepared as they have a much better defense than the Packers.

The pick: New Orleans (-3.5) @ Tampa Bay
Brees is great.  Tampa looked awful week one in a BAD loss to the Jets.  If Geno Smith and the Jets can drive down the field in less than a minute for a game winning field goal, I think Brees & Co. are going to have a field day.

The pick: Detroit (-1.5) @ Arizona
Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson looked back in sync in week one.  Even though Calvin only had 20+ yards, this offense had two Calvin TDs taken away.  Reggie and Joique proved to be a viable backfield tandem and the offense will put up points this week.  Arizona’s offense looked improved with Carson Palmer at the helm, but I think Detroit is for real this year, as I said last week when I picked them to cover vs. Minnesota.

The pick: New York Jets (+12.5) @ New England
Don’t get me wrong, I hate the Jets and think the offense is atrocious.  However, the defense looked great against a Tampa team with a few weapons.  Doug Martin was quiet and Jackson was kept out of the endzone.  The Patriots looked slightly out of sync in Buffalo.  With Vereen, Gronk, and Amendola out this week, weapons may be scarce for Brady who will have to rely on Ridley, Thompkins, and Edelman.  I don’t think the Jets put up a ton of points, but I do believe that they lose by 13 or less.

The pick: Dallas Cowboys (+2.5) @ Kansas City
Dallas didn’t look great against New York, but the defense came up with 6 turnovers.  Hopefully, with another week under their belts, Romo will be able to find Dez early and often.  Kansas City is vastly improved, but Demarcus Ware will get some pressure on Alex Smith to disrupt the passing game and hopefully keep Charles in check.


@Moefasa11 (3-2 this year)

The pick: Cincinnati (-7.5) vs. Pittsburgh

The Bengals look to rebound after a tough Week 1 defeat against the Bears, with a dominating victory against longtime NFC North Powerhouse Pittsburgh. The Steelers look absolutely awful, and a motivated Bengals team (who has Super Bowl aspirations) should make a statement on Monday Night.

The pick: New Orleans (-3.5) @ Tampa Bay
The Saints look like the Saints of two years ago, with an improved D. Rob Ryan’s defense held up a late game winning drive attempt by Matt Ryan and the Falcons to secure a Week 1 victory for the Saints. Sean Payton and Drew Brees have the NO offense clicking on all cylinders again, so I expect them to easier cover the spread. Oh, and Josh Freeman looks terrible.

The pick: Green Bay (-7.5) vs Washington
RG3 did not look like himself on Monday Night against the Eagles, and the Packers will have their ears pinned back on Sunday. Clay Matthews is leading a re-invigorated pass rush, that was able to contain Kaepernick (on the ground, obviously not through the air). The Redskins linebackers and secondary were torched by the Eagles, and I expect Aaron Rodger and Eddie Lacy to have big games Sunday, and cover the spread.

The pick: Kansas City (-2.5) vs Dallas
I am a buyer of the Chiefs this season. Their pass rush is tenacious, which makes an already impressive secondary even better. Alex Smith will eventually build a strong relationship with Bowe, and as long as Charles can avoid the injury bug, this team has serious playoff potential. Dallas on the other hand deserves to be 1-0 about as much as the Seahawks deserved to beat the Packers last year. The balance that Garrett spoke about all off season was no where to be found. Chiefs cover.

The pick: Philadelphia (-7.5) vs SD
Chip Kelly’s offense looks to be just as good, if not better, than we all believed. San Diego, while they showed glimpses of improvement Monday Night, is still San Diego. I expect the Eagles to run up the score in their home opening this weekend, and easily cover the spread.

@Angelsteve89 (2-3 this year)

The pick: Carolina (-3.5) @ Buffalo

I am a firm believer in Cam Netwton, the rest of the team is iffy but Cam can win games.  Buffalo comes off a close division game vs NE.  I think they lay a typical Bills egg this week and Panthers cruise.

The pick: Atlanta (-6.5) vs St.Louis

St. Louis does not have the defensive personal to match you with this offense juggernaut.  Atlanta will not want to start 0-2 and with this game at home look for some serious points to be scored by the Dirty Birds.


The pick: New Orleans (-3.5) @ Tampa Bay
Looks Tampa couldn’t beat the Jets, yes the Jets.  New Orleans is coming in off a solid win and we know they can score at will.  New Orleans’ revenge season on the NFL starts out 2-0.

The pick: New York Giants (+5.5) vs Denver
Probably a game I should stay away from but I am homer so I’m picking my team.  Eli and Peyton always put on a show when together (see Football on Your Phone). 5.5 points is a just enough points for me to believe that Eli will keep it close and possibly pull off the upset.  Peyton still might throw 7 TDs but Eli won’t be far behind.

The pick: San Francisco (+3.5) vs Seattle
I know, I know, Seattle doesn’t lose at home.  Trust me, I know they power of the Seattle 12th man.  The 49ers looks great last week and Seattle started out slow.  Field goal wins this game.  Taking the risk with the visitor.

@Svdubs34 (1-4 this year)

The pick: Philadelphia (-7.5) vs San Diego
West coast teams traveling across the country to play 1 pm games have a horrid history.  Plus the Chargers have one less day to prepare for Chip Kelly.  Advantage Eagles.

The pick: Tennessee (+8.5) @ Houston
Tennessee is much improved from last year.  Vegas hasn’t caught up yet.

The pick: New Orleans (-3.5) vs Tampa Bay
Josh Freeman is terrible.  Drew Brees is not.

The pick: Seattle (-3.5) vs San Francisco
The best home field advantage in sports hosts their first home game of the year? Checkmate.

The pick: Minnesota (+6.5) @ Chicago
The Vikings will be desperate to not start 0-2.  Plus Adrian Peterson is on the Vikings.

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