AVS’ Hot Soup Week 3

Everybody in the flow of the NFL season after week 2?  Good!  Well everybody expect the Browns, who are already looking forward to next years draft.  We are still looking at this year so here are the Hot Soup picks of the week.

Last weeks Results                                                 Season Totals

@NotsoLittleJohn                          3-2                                                                         6-4

@AngelSteve89                            1-4                                                                         3-7

@Moefasa11                                 2-3                                                                         4-6

@Svdubs                                       3-2                                                                          4-6


San Francisco (-10.5) vs Indianapolis

This spread is absolutely BEGGING the public to risk their money on Indy.  The Colts are America’s darling.  Peyton Manning leaves, the team sucks, Andrew Luck resurrects the team into a playoff contender.  Vegas is well aware of the public perception of this team and knowing that a public bettor thinks, “Hey, the Colts should keep it under ten for this one, THEY’RE GREAT!”  I think this will be the blowout of the week and is my FAVORITE bet of the week and so far my favorite pick of the year.  The stifling 9ers defense will keep this Colts offense quiet.  I took Seattle last week over the 9ers and was right.  Smart money will be all over the 9ers this week.  Just for precautionary reasons, I would buy a .5 point, take the spread to 10, then eat the points and go all-in on San Fran.

New York Giants (+1.5) @ Carolina

I hate the way the Giants look so far this year.  I honestly think Carolina has looked worse.  The first two games of the Giants season are very close if Eli doesn’t throw picks against Denver and Wilson doesn’t fumble against Dallas.  I think after two weeks, the Giants get back into the swing of things and beat up on a Carolina team that has not looked good at all.  Take the points, take the Giants.

New York Jets (-2.5) vs Buffalo

After listening all these years to one of my favorite sports personalities, Colin Cowherd, I’ve happened to pick up a lot on spreads.  I think this is another case of Vegas catering to the public.  They know the public perception is DOWN on the Jets.  The Jets have played better than anyone could have thought so far this year, and yet, they still aren’t even favored by more than a field goal against Buffalo.  Defense has played well and will stop the struggling EJ & CJ attack.  Low scoring game. 17-14 Jets.

Kansas City (+3.5) @ Philadelphia

Kansas City will be able to control the ball with the ground attack of Jamaal Charles and this game will be close throughout.  Philly maybe wins by 3

Detroit (+1.5) @ Washington

I am still very high on Detroit this year.  Washington’s defense has been awful and Stafford, Calvin, and Reggie will have a field day in this game.  If Reggie doesn’t play, Bell will still be enough to put this team over the hump.  Not LOVING this, but it’s in my top 5.  Detroit wins outright.


New England (-7.5) vs Tampa Bay

Predicting the Pats start to break out of their slump.  They are the only 2-0 team that is still slumping.  Brady will look to tear apart this Tampa team in Foxborough.

New York Giants (+1.5) @ Carolina

The Giants needs this and they will need David Wilson to contribute.  TIme for the coaches to let him loose.  They need a successful run game to open up the pass game for Eli.  Cam coming off a tough lose, he hasn’t handled them well in the past.

Buffalo (+2.5) @ New York Jets

EJ Manuel showing early that he likes big pressure moments.  The Jets are not impressive even though they have been in close games.  Geno needs to act more like EJ then Sanchize.

Chicago (-2.5) @ Pittsburgh

The Steelers offensive line is in trouble.  Chicago will put pressure on Big Ben and he will be forced to throw into coverage.  Peanut and Jenningg will be waiting for a pick 6.

Denver (-14.5) vs Oakland

Peyton hasn’t shown any mercy in the first 2 weeks and will lowly Oakland coming to town I expect it to continue.  Peyton at night equals blow out.


Minnesota (-5.5) vs Cleveland

After last week’s devastating last second loss, and with Brian Hoyer starting for the Browns, I expect a big game from AP, and for the Vikings to get their first win with ease.

NY Giants (+1.5) @ Carolina

The Giants can’t be this bad…right?

Miami (-1.5)  vs Atlanta

The injuries are mounting for Atlanta, and after starting the year 2-0 on the road, I am looking for Miami to open up their home field with a big win over Atlanta

                                 Buffalo (+2.5) @ NY Jets

The EJ haters from draft night are starting to dwindle, while the Geno haters                                  continue on.

Chicago (-2.5) @ Pittsburgh
The Steelers aren’t good this year. Period. If Howdy Doody can carve up their secondary, Cutler can as well. Even though I hate Jay Cutler…


NYG +1.5

The most frustrating team (yes, the Giants) in football is often times the hardest to bet on.  They usually do the exact opposite of what the public believes.  Just as we are all writing them off for the year, the Giants will travel down to Carolina and win by a TD late.

BAL +2.5
This spread makes absolutely zero sense. Texans -2.5 at Ravens would translate to Texans -8ish at home versus Ravens. Houston was -8 over Tennessee, so this is saying that the Titans are the exact same as Baltimore. What?

GB -1.5

Aaron Rodgers was so impressive last week that he is near impossible not to back in a near pick em game.  Both teams have high expectations and will be desperate not to start 1-2 so there is a little risk here, but Rodgers and his WRs will be too good in the end.

SF -10.5

The 9ers are a much better team than they looked last week.  They will be out to prove it against a decent Colts team.  Trent Richardson will not be caught up to speed yet.

CHI -2.5

Pittsburgh cannot run the ball, can’t pass block, and are having issues rushing the passer.  Meanwhile, the Bears look much improved on offense.  Their speed along the defensive line will be too much for the Steelers to handle.

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