Can the Knicks be saved?!

After years of misery being a Knicks fan, it looked at if things may turn a corner.  They went out and singed a big time free agent in A’mare with the hopes of signing another player to play Batman and Robin.  Well it did not work.  Instead of being patient and waiting for Camelo to become a free agent.  Dolan made a panic move, one that may of needed to happen, to bring him ‘home’ half a season earlier.  I was jacked up ready for the my team to win at the Most Famous Arena after this video:

Looking back at the Knicks now, this move was a disaster, even though they made the playoffs finally and even got to the second round last year. This move will haunt the Knicks.  To make sure they got Melo, NY traded away Danilo Gallinari, Wilson Chandler, Felton (who is back), 2 second round draft picks and the kicker, next years first round pick.

While the Knicks can turn it around this year and make the playoffs, I think (may still be drunk).  It will only lead to a early exit and more the same the next year or so.  Look Miami and Indiana are the top dogs and Melo will never beat those teams.  So it would make more sense if the Knicks blow it up and wait it out.  But they can’t do that without any picks and missing this draft is huge.  This is one of the deepest drafts ever possibly.  We all know the NBA is rigged in some way, so if the Knicks where close to a lottery they would get a top 3 pick.  Too bad it goes to Denver.  I saw Jabari play at MSG last night and I would give my soul to see him wearing blue and orange. I blame Melo for this, if he would of just shut up and waited out the season he could of signed with the Knicks and truly helped out a franchise.  Now saying that he would of got traded somewhere else is tough too, if he wanted NYK he would of told every team he would not sign and wanted to test FA.  Nuggets might of kept him the year and who knows.

At least that was my dream.  Being a fan of the Knicks means dealing with Dolan and knowing that, he would of traded this pick one way or another so its all a pipe dream.

No more dreaming, this is the team we have.  What do we do now?  The only move its to wait out A’mare knees, resign Melo, hope Shumpert breaks out and sign Kevin Love.  That could be a solid 3, Melo, Love and Shump.  Would it be enough to beat whatever LBJ and Paul George got going on?  What if Jabari teams up with D Rose?  Wiggins is a wild card, where will Durant be (hint hint not OKC)?   There are too many possibilities and I don’t see any of them being good for the Knicks.  The Knicks could be done for another decade.  That is it right?  For the love of good please keep the 2018 pick just in case it all goes to shit (mostly likely will).

This picture could describe the Knicks until 2020.  Help me Lord, I hope I am wrong.


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