Water Cooler Mondays

Week 2 of college football is all done and the big boys of the NFL returned.  Football is back in full force but that is not the only sport that had some headlines this week.  Here you help you with that awkward water cooler Monday talk. How was your weekend?  Did you watch that game? College Football This schedule was pretty weak but we did see some scares and some drama.  Central Michigan last minute Hail Hary on the road vs a ranked Oklahoma State team! No way that happened but it did. That was definitely not the real plan but Continue reading Water Cooler Mondays

Water Cooler Talk: See the Game This Weekend?!

What you do this weekend? UH I blacked out.. I think.  Just in case you “don’t remember” the weekend, on Mondays we are going to provide you with the quick hits of what happened over  past weekend in sports so you can fit in at the water cooler in the office. College Football College Football is back baby! FCB came in like a hurricane this weekend and after one week the whole top 25 landscape has changed and more is coming! 1 Alabama rolled big time of USC and showed why they are the true #1 in the country.  6 top Continue reading Water Cooler Talk: See the Game This Weekend?!

PGA Tour Championship

Unfortunately my first golf article for Almost Varsity Sports has to come in the wake of a Zach Johnson victory and start of to the last tournament of the year – the Tour Championship. While I want to examine the last 4 relevant days of golf for 2013 (no one watches/cares about the President’s Cup), I can’t begin without expressing my hatred for last week’s winner. He acts like he is one of God’s disciple’s, but in reality, the few times I’ve encountered him at local PGA events, he’s has been nothing but a selfish turd. But I digress…Tomorrow marks the Continue reading PGA Tour Championship