Pop Culture: Start watching Atlanta

Most the people reading this have no idea who Donald Glover is, if you look at his IMDb page it will be mostly comedy.  If you taken a deeper dive into google, you will see Childish Gambino, Glovers’ alter ego rap name.  The first song I heard of his was Freak and Greeks and I was hooked, then he went on to star in “Community”, a criminally underrated NBC comedy.  Gambino fun rhymes in “Freaks and Greeks” and hilarious scene on Community only scratch the surface of Donald Glover. Glover has been relatively quiet the past few years since leaving Continue reading Pop Culture: Start watching Atlanta

Pop Culture: The United States of Kanye

Kanye West is an absolute ego manic that has no idea the world is he living in.  He is a douche bag, trying to sell t-shirts for $400.  He is an asshole that literally thinks he is on the same page as Gandhi, Steve Jobs and possible Jesus Christ.  The list goes on and on about how much Kanye sucks. This quote is so bad but also sooo good, it is Kanye. But…. Kanye is AWESOME!  I went to the Saint Pablo Tour at MSG last night and it was electric.  There was no opening act and they played some Continue reading Pop Culture: The United States of Kanye

Pop Culture: Best TV shows

We won’t be doing just sports here at AVS, we are going to try and hit you with some pop culture every now and then.  Sports would be number 1 on my TV (hint hint all living rooms probably need 2 TVs) but right behind is my love for television shows.  I could list the dozens and dozens TV shows that I have watched the entire series of but that would show how my social life has been the past 10 years so I’l  pass on that at the moment. Over the past few weeks #hastags like #fav7TVshows and #fav7Movies having been Continue reading Pop Culture: Best TV shows