Hot Soup Week 7 Picks

We almost had our first undefeated Hot Soup week.  As we know almost doesn’t count in sports unless you write for this blog.  So congrats Angel Steve, perfection and a share of the lead.



New England (-4.5) @ New York Jets

A big rivalry game on the road for New England.  I do not think they have a let down after their miraculous win over the Saints last week.  Brady walks into Giants Stadium (see what I did there) and shoves a foot in Rexs’ mouth (see I did it again).

Chicago (+1.5) @ Washington

The Bears struggled to beat the Giants last week but now they have extra time to prepare for a terrible Redskin team.  Cutty will go in there and team up with B Marsh all day.  The only thing that scares me is the run game for Washington, will it finally click?  If it does we will have a close game.

San Diego (-7.5) @ Jacksonville

The Chargers will be on short rest and traveling East so thankfully they are playing the Jags.  Blackmon is the real deal.  Too bad the Jags aren’t a real team

Kansas City (-6.5) vs Houston

Case Keenum will see is first NFL action this week and it will be in Arrowhead.  Good luck kid, sounds like another pick 6 will be happening.  Chiefs looking at 7-0, touche Andy Ried touche.

San Francisco (-4.5) @ Tennessee

This finishes off the first all favorites week for me and 4 on the road.  Yikes but don’t mess with the top of the leaderboard.  San Fran has been a bit of a disappointment this year, but I still think they are a good team.  Tennessee doesn’t have any threats to beat them offensively so they should cover this one.


Arizona (+7.5) vs. Seattle

Welp, 0-1.  New rule: don’t back Carson Palmer.

New England (-4.5) @ New York Jets

The Return of Gronk.  I was one week early anticipating his return and impact, but he is expected to start this Sunday.  Although the Pats are a little shorthanded (no Wilfork, Mayo, Talib, and Amendola), the WRs are getting better by the week and they finally figured out the running game last week.  Geno Smith has been good, although inconsistent, and can be penciled in for 2 turnovers that will be the difference.  Pats by 7.

Philadelphia (-3.5) vs. Dallas

Philadelphia is secretly good.  They have losses to the undefeated Broncos, undefeated Chiefs, and an underrated Chargers team that beat down the Colts last Monday.  Nick Foles is extremely accurate and may be a better fit for this offense than Vick is.  Dallas is shorthanded and will be without Ware and Murray and probably a hobbled Miles Austin.  Philadelphia hangs 30 on Dallas and wins by 6.

San Francisco (-4.5) @ Tennessee

San Francisco is finally getting healthy on both sides of the ball and has two impact new comers in Brock and Reid.  Tennessee was just beaten by Seattle and teams who have played Seattle the previous week are 0-5 the following week.  Plus Ryan Fitzpatrick is starting for Tennessee.  This is my favorite play of the week.  SF by 17.

Denver (-6.5) @ Indianapolis

Jim Irsay made a huge mistake publicly calling out Peyton Manning.  Manning is going to want to embarrass the Colts.  Denver is 4-2 against the spread this year and will look to hang 50 in the house than Manning built.  Denver also gets Von Miller back and Champ Bailey is regaining his health.  Denver by 10, 40-30.


New England (-4.5) @ New York Jets

Houston (+6.5) @ Kansas City

St. Louis (+5.5) @ Carolina

San Francisco (-4.5) @ Tennessee

Buffalo (+8.5) @ Miami


Kansas City (-6.5) vs Houston

Denver (-6.5) @ Indianapolis

Chicago (+1.5) @ Washington

Philadelphia (-3.5) vs. Dallas

Buffalo (+8.5) @ Miami

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