Kevin Durant and the Thunder Legacy

As we are approaching the start of the NBA season, the biggest story line will be LeBron James and the Miami Heat.  They will begin their quest for the highly coveted 3 peat.  LeBron continues to tell people that he gets better every year and he has proven that to be true so there is no reason not to think another MVP season is on the way.  This leads us to my question:  Did Thunder management ruin Kevin Durant’s legacy and his chance to be one of the greatest ever?  Will it be a Charles Barkley situation or can he get at least one title ala Dirk style?


We are entering the second season after the Thunder inexplicably traded away James Harden.  In doing so, they broke up the second best big 3 in hoops.  I understand they believed they were not going to be able to sign him and wanted to get value but it was still a big mistake.  The worst part is the OKC Big 3 of KD, Westbrook and Harden was only getting better and heading into their collective primes while the Heat big 3 would be on the decline (Wade is a shell of himself and Bosh isn’t even considered a real threat anymore).  Harden has developed into a legitimate MVP candidate and Westbrook is now dealing with knee problems and hopefully will be able to return to form but what if he doesn’t?   They currently have the second best odds in Vegas to win the title but could the championship window be closing already?

The Heat will be the team everyone judges themselves by but reaching the Finals for the Thunder is no easy task.  A large part of that will be because of the guy they sent away.  The Rockets saw an opportunity to land Harden and build their own championship team.  Dwight Howard proved he couldn’t handle LA and singed with smaller market in Houston.  They will be fearsome tandem to deal with.


The talent doesn’t stop there in the West either; Golden State got Igoudala, the Spurs never age and CP3 still runs the Clippers.  After the Thunder lost to the Heat in the Finals, it looked like we were on pace for a true Finals rivalry year after year.  Now Harden is gone and the Thunder might regret that move for the next decade.  Kevin Durant is an unbelievable talent that can single handily win a playoff series but having 2 sidekicks is always better then one, just ask LeBron.
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