Midseason NCAAF Questions Answered…

Almost Varsity Sports has been getting a few emails at our email address Almostvarsitysports@gmail.com and receiving questions through twitter @AlmostVarsity.  We have sifted through many questions and taken some of our favorite college football questions to answer for you this week.



Q – ACC fan from Miami, FL: Is the ACC for real?

A – John:  Short answer – Yes.  With Miami cracking the top 10 for the first time since 2005, the ACC has 3 top 10 teams.  Miami also gives the ACC three remaining undefeated teams.  One of those remaining unbeatens will go down this weekend in Death Valley, South Carolina.  As long as this game stays close, I believe the ACC will retain 3 top 10 teams.  The ACC also has legitimate national championship contenders.  If Clemson can take out FSU this weekend, one can make the argument that the body of work makes them the top team in the country.

Q – Mike from Pittsburgh: Who makes up the list of AVS Heisman contenders?

A – John: It’s still very early to be talking Heisman trophy, but here are the AVS top 5:
1 – Marcus Mariota
2 – Tajh Boyd
3- Jameis Winston
4 – Johnny Manziel
5 – Teddy Bridgewater


Q – Tom from Jacksonville: Who do you guys think is the number 1 NFL draft pick next year?

A – John: The world thinks the defensive end from South Carolina is the slam dunk, first overall pick.  But, let me tell you, Clowney isn’t wooing anyone here at Almost Varsity Sports.  He isn’t playing through injuries and looks mundane when he has played so far.  In the NCAA, teams are able to focus solely on this dynamite defensive end.  In the NFL, many more DEs will be capable of demanding double teams.  One on one blocking against Jadeveon will show he still has the capabilities everyone is saying he has.  However, there has been talk that his motor is far from desirable and he doesn’t LOVE football.  Assuming you are a Jaguars fan, being from Jacksonville, I think the Jaguars will have to jump ship on the Chad Henne/Blaine Gabbert experiment.  With the deep pool of QB talent in this years draft, I think this is the direction the Jags have to go.  So far, it seems that Teddy Bridgewater would be the pick to make.  This AVS writer thinks that Stephen Morris will be the quarterback to watch as the draft approaches.  As of right now, I think he will be the most successful in the NFL.


Q – Jeff from Fort Worth, TX – Do you guys think Texas can actually take home a Big 12 title?

A – John: It may sound crazy, but AVS loves to stick with it’s gut whenever it has the chance and TCU still has a long shot to take home the Big 12 crown.  But let us look at this from a present standpoint.  The team at AVS predicted Texas to be a national title sleeper.  Obviously that is looking dim with 2 losses already for this team.  However, the Longhorns are 3-0 in the Big 12.  A HUGE win for Mack Brown and the Longhorns catapulted this team to the top of the Big 12 standings and they are now in control of their own fate.  Do I think Texas will beat out Baylor after watching 7 weeks of college football, no.  However, that can/should be the game that decides it all.  Mack Brown and Texas’ football future looked bleak after consecutive losses to Ole Miss and BYU, but with a romping of Oklahoma they are right back in the thick of things.  I think Baylor will take home the Big 12 title, but Texas should finish second right behind them.

Q – Anonymous, unknown city: How many teams are finishing the year undefeated?

A – John: It is extremely unlikely for teams to go undefeated in this day of college football.  As I say this in my head I even think I sound a little ridiculous.  I am going on a limb and saying three teams will finish this season undefeated and the top 3 confidence wise are not who you would think.  My most confident pick to finish the year undefeated is Fresno State.  David Carr’s little brother, Derek, has made a name for himself out west.  Fresno State is now ranked number 17 and the Mountain West is even further down perception wise then it has been in years past.  The offense is explosive, but the defense will be the reason if this team doesn’t finish perfect.  My second team is Northern Illinois.  Jordan Lynch has proven he is a dynamic QB on the college level.  He is the reason this team went to a BCS bowl last year and I believe he is the reason this team will run the table.  He has almost 2000 yards from scrimmage this year and has accounted for 17 TDs.  With a weak schedule, I believe UNI runs the table.  Now for my third team, I will admit to chickening out here.  I have 4 teams that could possibly run the table and I think one will do it (in order from most likely.)
1 – Alabama – tough matchups against LSU and the SEC East Champion loom
2 – Clemson/FSU – the winner of this game this weekend WILL beat their SEC rival (South Carolina/Florida) to end the season
3 – Louisville – joke of a schedule, but almost slipped up to Rutgers
4 – Baylor – the offense is just unreal, but a few matchups that could give them trouble remain (Okla, TTU, Tex, TCU, and OK St)


We will have plenty more questions answered in the next few weeks as emails have been flooding in and we have been LOVING hearing from the readers.  Thanks in advance for your continued interest, emails, and tweets, and please keep sending these questions in.


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