MLB Postseason Predictions

It took 163 games to see who will be fighting for the MLB World Series.  Tonight the Pirates will play their first playoff game in 21 years but are they really?  If they lose tonight they are done already.  I know baseball is trying to get more teams involved and add excitement for the fans but the Pirates deserve more than one game.  They control their own fate but it will be a huge let down for the MLB to see this team gone with only one game.  Here are the AVS predictions for this years’ Fall Classic race.

Wild Card Games

Unknown-5   vs    Unknown-6

I have been a big fan of Cincy for the past few years but after that opening paragraph I have to go with the Pirates.  This entire division was close all year and the winner will face division winner St. Louis, where anything can happen.

Unknown        vs   Unknown-1

The Rays needed an extra game to make the playoff and they won’t let that go to waste.  Rays faced tougher competition this year (cough cough Unbalanced Schedule Issues).  Tampa will win another play in game before facing the Red Sox.

NL Division Series

Unknown-3     vs   Unknown-7

This is a classic battle of a team that can hit vs a team that can pitch.  The Dodgers pitching staff lead by this years CY Young winner, Kershaw, will be enough to move passed the Braves.

Unknown-5    vs   Unknown-4

As badly as I want to pick the Pirates and see a Cinderella story in October, the Cards will be too much for the young Bucs.  The Cardinals have the experience and the flare for the dramatic to move on.

AL Division Series

Unknown-9     vs  Unknown-8

This is an intriguing matchup for me.  The A’s play on the West Coast and do not get enough love from ESPN and MLB but don’t let that fool you these guys can play.  While it is almost impossible to pick against Miguel Cabrara, I am going with the A’s.

Unknown-2   vs   Unknown-1

These division rivals have seen plenty of each other this season so why not a couple more games.  The Red Sox have flipped their team and record upside compared to last year.  It took one year to rebuild and these Sox are beginning to remind people of the Idiots of old. Red Sox move on

Championship Series

Unknown-3    vs   Unknown-4

Two old school teams that will come ready for battle and that is what I expect, a true battle.  This is a toss up, both teams are built for the long haul.  Dodgers have put up the money and it is paying off.  They will reach their first World Series appearance since 1988.

Unknown-2    vs   Unknown-9

The two teams with the top records in the AL will face off.  The Red Sox will welcome the A’s over the Tigers but will not look past them.  Sox return to Fall Classic.

World Series

Unknown-3   vs  Unknown-2

Boy, the MLB would love to see this matchup.  These two teams had the biggest trade, dollars wise, we will ever see in sports.  It has worked out for both teams extremely well.  Only a few years ago the Dodgers were the burial grounds for Red Sox great Manny Ramirez and now they will become World Series Champs.  Dodgers in 7.



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