NFC Least

The NFC East was once a powerhouse division in the NFL.  They had it all America’s Team, The New York Football Giants, Eagles had playoffs tickets on sale by week 8 and the Skins well where the Skins but RG3 took the NFL by storm last year.  Now things have changed and they have changed fast.


Dallas has one of the best wideouts in football but he has emotional issues with everyone.  Giants have a 2 time Super Bowl MVP but he is making throws of an undrafted rookie, Eagles are a revolving door at QB and Redskins have some serious Swish cheese Defense.

Take a look at the opponents this division has wins against: St. Louis, Minnesota (2), Oakland (2), Tampa Bay, Green Bay (No Rodgers), Chicago (Cutler left game), and San Diego.  I don’t think there is a playoff team in that bunch.  Nothing impressive at all.

Someone has to make the playoffs right?  Who that will we be is a crap shoot. On paper is should easily be Dallas but continue to but their foot in their mouth every time a big came comes up. It is too early to start thinking the Giants have a real shot but if they can get by Scott Tolzien and the Pack next week, Dallas comes to town in what will be a huge game for the division.  Philly has 5 home games left, normally a big advantage in the NFL but Philly being Philly have lost 11 home games in a row.  Washington is the only team that might be out of it, they still have games vs San Fran and KC so that’s 8 loses.  Add in 4 divisional games games and I can’t see them getting more then 6 wins at best.  7-9 might do it and we have seen strange things with 7-9 playoff teams.  It will be a home game as well so San Fran (mostly likely NFC playoff opponent) will have to travel East.


It will be one of those races that you will watch with you hands over your eyes peaking through just because you never know what might happen in the NFL

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