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We won’t be doing just sports here at AVS, we are going to try and hit you with some pop culture every now and then.  Sports would be number 1 on my TV (hint hint all living rooms probably need 2 TVs) but right behind is my love for television shows.  I could list the dozens and dozens TV shows that I have watched the entire series of but that would show how my social life has been the past 10 years so I’l  pass on that at the moment.

Over the past few weeks #hastags like #fav7TVshows and #fav7Movies having been trending on Twitter so I figured for the first Pop Culture article I’d hit you with my top 5 shows and why.  Here is my original tweet with the #.


I am not going to go super into detail about characters or storylines, you can read that anywhere.  Just my thoughts and feeling about each show.

1.The Wire

Yes, Yes I am one of the those that lives and dies with your TV opinion based on how you answer “Have you watched The Wire?”.  If you answer no then you get an automatic deduction on all TV opinions.  Sorry it has to be that way but its true, if you didn’t watch The Wire you can’t judge the Best Shows on TV. I could write way way too long blog solely about The Wire but I will give you reason why people don’t like it.

When people try to tell me the didn't watch The Wire but know TV
When people try to tell me the didn’t watch The Wire but know TV

“Its too old”- Fine Fine, it wasn’t filmed in HD, the show is over a decade old now and it won’t have pop references of Justin Bieber.  Hate this argument suck it up and watch.

“It’s too slow, nothing happens” – You aren’t watching an action movie, The Wire the most detailed show of all time.  Every scene matters.  The Chess scene in season 1, ep.1 could be the most important scene in the show.  Everything relates.  You can not put it on while cooking dinner or you will miss something. It won’t be anything big at all like a death of a character but the littlest details are so important and make the show so great.

“I couldn’t get past Season 2” – Well you’re a pussy.  Like I said it isn’t an action show, this show really dives deep into the city of Baltimore and season 2 is shows that there are many layers to a city.  If you skip season 2, don’t say you watched The Wire, you don’t deserved it.

I can go on but honestly this show is so good that I hope those that didn’t watch it are still reading at this point and give it a shot. Your connections with the characters are unlike any show ever created, it left us with some many iconic characters and look at shows now you can can almost tie one the actors back to The Wire.  My favorite character didn’t make it the series finale and I was heartbroken, I’ve never had that with any other show.  The Wire laid the foundation for drug shows and it set the bar as high as can be.  If you like Breaking Bad (#2 on the list don’t worry), you should thank The Wire because shows like this gave Breaking Bad an opportunity to be made.

2. Breaking Bad

This is almost 1B but it comes in right below at #2.  It is very similar to The Wire in many ways, drug storyline, great character depth and fantastic acting/writing.  Bryan Cranston puts on possibly the greatest acting performance of all time, the transformation of Walter White to Heisenberg will never be matched.  So many scene to choose from to showcase his perforce but the two that will also stick out are, of course, “I am the one who knocks” and the season finale scene where he is laughing under the staircase and just too good.  This show was great and keeping people on their feet, it was tough to guess where the story was going and how it was going to get there.

This show also started slow but unlike The Wire, BB is all building up to the action packed heart pounding final season(s).  There are some episodes that will literally make you sweat on the edge of your seat.  Aaron Paul was amazing as a number two man for this show,  it had strong villains and even the unlikable characters, cough Skylar cough.

It took me a while to get into and was great for binge watching, if you come across someone who said they watched this show from the very beginning they are lying.  I believe I started watching live episodes during season 3, most people were on board by season 4.  It doesn’t matter where you started as long as you finished.  This is the popular #1 by friends and peers and it is tough not to agreement but hey #2 on my list isn’t a bad spot to be.

When you are #2 on AVS' list
When you are #2 on AVS’ list

3. The Office

Lets lighten the mood a little now, cue anything that comes out of Michael Scotts’ mouth.  The only comedy on my top 5 list, big fan of comedy shows but its really tough to compare with dramas.  The Office is just too perfect, yes the later seasons where not as good but they are still funny don’t let anyone tell you different.  For a comedy to last as long as it did really shows that the acting and writing can go head to head with any show no matter the genre.  Funny writing is really tough but you know it is good when the actors have trouble even getting the lines out.  If you like The Office I highly recommend watching the bloopers for all season, laugh out loud shit.

Again so many moments to touch on with this show.  Jim and Pam were literally America’s couple.  Watching their relationship grow also gets me every time (Don’t tell other people I said that), I was with both of them every up and down, every will they won’t they moment.


Every character has their moment none more the Michael Scott.  Watch the Dinner Party Episode (one of my favorites).  It showcases the how funny Steve Carrell really is.  Every scene in that episode is going. I laugh every time he says “Fold right into the wall”  It will never be not funny.  You can’t talk about The Office and not mention Dwight, just unreal human that I can’t help think Rainn Wilson just morphed into Dwight after the show ended and its still at Dunder Mifflin today.

I will watch any episode of The Office at any time, true sign of a great comedy.  Dramas are hard to re watch but I think I watched at least every ep 3/4 times by now.  If there is one show to be real life involved in it has to be this.  As comedies go, the Office you will alway be top, thats what she said…

4. Mad Men

Good old Don Draper!  Man that guy just is cool. Books can be written about Don Draper but I think its simple Don Draper – “This guy fucks”.  I love advertising I hope my career will always involve advertising but that is not the only reason why I love this show.  Mad Men makes me almost wish I was around for the 60s, as long as they have iPhones.  This show takes something so simple as lets follow around an Ad Director and see what his world is like.  It doesn’t sound amazing on paper but holy shit this show.

There’s no drug story line, heart pounding action here just great writing about the world of advertising in 60s and one guys life.  But its not all Draper all the time, this show brought drams and laughter with is other characters.  Roger Sterling is phenomenal with everything that he does and while Betty can be annoying she is so important to understanding the life of a woman in the 60s (Maybe I have no idea really).  Maybe Peggy is the real star, he climb to the top was the first of her kid in the advertising world back then, she had the balls be in the room with those guys and backed it up.

The Carousal scene is perfect to showcase Mad Men.  Draper kills the sales pitch to Kodak but at the same time you learn so much about how Don feels inside.  It is a shame John Hamm only got one award for this show.  John Hamm is Don Draper the effort he puts during the show makes it so enjoyable to watch for 5 seasons.  If you want to go into advertising today I bet every college kid aspires to be a Don Draper or Peggy.  Is it time for a liquid lunch?!

5. Game of Thrones

Last but not least we have the only show on the list the is still live. The final seasons may push this up the charts but for now Tits and Dragons is solid at #5.  I missed the boat on season 1 and 2 and had to play catch up. Read the books? No I’m not a loser, there is a TV show why the hell would I read the books. This show deserved to be in the discussion of best all time.  I am gonna sound like a hater but I wanted to talk about what I don’t like about the show and why its only at 5.

One thing I don’t like on GoT is there are too many characters.  We are 6 seasons in and there are still names I have no idea about.  Sometimes episodes focus on the wrong people. I know there is a whole world out there but I don’t care about them. Give me little finger,  the midget, dragon lady and the bastard every episode!

The middle episodes of the season are not good.  I understand they are a slow build up to a great final 2 episodes and I know that talked about how the slow build up for The Wire and Breaking Bad is what makes them so good but for GoT it feels different.  It feels more like ehh here you go you will watch anyway then boom great episode.  I don’t like, every scene should have purpose.

One of the best things GoT does is really make you hate the villains, great thing to have for a show all about conflict.  I love Jon Snow, some hate him.  It cool that the fan base has different views about each character.  Its something very rare for all shows and very tough to do so kudos.


If you are caught up then we know where the storyline is going the final 2 seasons and it will be must watch TV.  I can’t wait.


Alright this way super long but if you still here thanks! Hopefully will do some more like this and add in some about movies, shocker I’m a big movie guy too.

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