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The Fate of the Furious

This should be no shocker but I am a massive Fast and Furious fan! Since day one this franchise has been special to me and all jokes aside they actually are good movies.  The original is classic, so many good underrated quotes, and while 2-4 aren’t Oscar worthy 5-7 were awesome action movies, no question!  Fast 8 will have a different tone without Paul Walker (RIP) but I expect more of the same from the rest of the gang.  This small LA family has taken the world by storm the past few years with many twists and turns (sup Letty, who doesn’t remember she’s Letty as all).  The Fate of the Furious trailer did not disappoint, Dom is turning on his family, whattt the ultimate family man??? How/What/Why? I need to know.  Former villains, The Rock and Jason Statham are back as good guys and they added Charlize Theron joins the team as the new villain with Dom.  April 14th lets goo!!!

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Marvel just doing Marvel things and re-booting Spiderman, yes againnnnn.  The Andrew Garfield ones never did it for me (never even bothered with the 2nd one with him).  I do love the Marvel timeline so I will be checking this one out, probably will wait until he hits on demand.  This Spiderman made his debut (Spoiler Alert) in Civil War and was nice change of pace for the movie.  The small role by Tom Holland gave people a revived sense of hope for a new Spiderman movie.  The trailer shows that this will take place after Civil War and will feature a lot of Iron Man taking on a mentor role for Peter Parker.  My only issue is Holland caring the movie for a full 2 hours.  His voice is very childish and the Spidey jokes that were great in Civil War but might get dried up during a full feature but Marvel has really done no wrong lately so lets see how it goes next July.

Guardian of the Galaxy Vol.2

I never heard of GoG until 2014 then Chris Pratt came along and boom! He was shed the Andy Dywer character and was a mega movie star over night.  Vol.1 was perfect, it has action / humor /storyline all perfectly fitting in with one another.  I can only hope for the same for Vol. 2 and based on trailer we are looking at back to back hits.  Love the old school tracks they use in trailers another Home Run here using “Fox on the Run”  oh and Baby Groot!!


Let’s finish of with the legend, Christopher Nolan, this guy just makes my favorite movies so high hopes as always.  We don’t have a real trailer just but we do have a cast lead by Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy so they should be getting their Oscar speeches ready.  This will be a late summer release so we will update once the real trailer comes out.

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