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Before any big time movie hits the theaters, there is always the trailer and here at AVS we love trailers so every now and then we will bring you the most important trailers we have seen to get us excited for actual movie. And yes sometime the trailers are way before then the whole movie.

Man Down

First off lets get the elephant in the room out the way, Shia LaBeouf!  I am actually a big fan of his despite all the weird shit this guys does I think he is underrated as an actor.  This could be his coming back party because this looks awesome.  Shai is playing a troubled military vet and fortunately the trailer doesn’t give too much away.  Something went terribly wrong during battle and it clearly changed the life of Shia’s character. Add in smoking hot Kate Mara and I’m all aboard this movie.  Coming out December 2.


This kind of seems like a typical alien movie, some large things shows up for no reason and humans try to figure it out, very District 9 -ish (great movie).  Amy Adams is slated to play the hero here, her character is the master of languages and is takes to communicate with the aliens.  Something will go wrong and probably start a war but still very solid trailer.  Might be one of those that try being too smart for its own good but we will find out.   The cast here is top notch as well, Adams along with Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker so hoping of the best.  Coming out November 11.

Star Wars: Rogue One

The Star Wars franchise is trying so hard to make people forget about Episodes I-III.  Last year is was Episode VII which I thought was very well done, the Lucas Group looks like they are following suit with Rogue One. One of the more interesting parts about Star Wars is that there is so much of the story we still do not know.  So many unknowns for a franchise that has been around for 40 years.  Rouge One starts the process of filling in the pieces but also must draw in new viewers.  Im excited for it and the tease of Vader? Yes Please.  December 16

Bad Santa 2 

OK lets be honest, this movie will probably suck but I wanted to add it in as tribute to the first one.  Bad Santa was flat out hilarious and making a second one is a pure money grab.  But look at the size of that Kid, what the fuck?  Im sure it will have some laughs but guessing it only ruins the name of the original. Coming out this Thanksgiving

TV Special:  Taboo

19th Century Tom Hardy and Ridley Scott?  Set the DVR!  If you have seen Hardy in Peaky Blinders you know this is Hardy’s jam, he loves this time period shit.  This looks very odd so might be one that I wait out and binge watch later if the reviews are great but if this is your thing definitely check out the trailer.  I can’t tell if this will involve some paranormal stuff or just an old time piece.   No set release date for this mini series but says early 2017.

Please turn off you cell phone and enjoy the show.  Catch you next time!

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