Pop Culture: The United States of Kanye

Kanye West is an absolute ego manic that has no idea the world is he living in.  He is a douche bag, trying to sell t-shirts for $400.  He is an asshole that literally thinks he is on the same page as Gandhi, Steve Jobs and possible Jesus Christ.  The list goes on and on about how much Kanye sucks. This quote is so bad but also sooo good, it is Kanye.


But…. Kanye is AWESOME!  I went to the Saint Pablo Tour at MSG last night and it was electric.  There was no opening act and they played some weird church music until 9:30 when he finally came on but it was worth the wait!

His stage was unreal, as in there really wasn’t a stage at all in the traditional sense. Yeezus built himself a floating stage that moved over the general admission crowd the entire time.  It was pretty wild.  The crowd underneath him was bananaland, it was a pure mosh pit of people going insane.  It was one of the cooler atmospheres I’ve been at inside the World’s Most Famous Arena.  Take a look at one of videos I took from my bougie suite (you couldn’t pay me to be down there with the crazies).


I hate the new Kanye, he fucking annoying all the time, he thinks his shit doesn’t shit.  It does Kanye it does. But… Mr.West’s music is all time great.  Kayne has 21! Grammy’s already, that is uber impressive.  The fact that he hasn’t won the Grammy for Album of the Year is an actual crime.  He was nominated 3 times and to be honest he should of won all 3, College Dropout, Late Registration and Graduation are fantastic albums, not rap albums they are legit fantastic pieces of art.

So in short, you suck Kanye but I love you.

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