How to fix Fantasy injuries

We all play fantasy football and we all end up with injuries its part of the game but can it be fixed?  In the NFL, if a starting running back gets hurt the back up comes in and the game moves on.  This isn’t the case in fantasy football, if a player of yours goes down, no more points for you!! Its all part of the game but it can be really frustrating and it can ruin your season because as we know every week counts.  So while it sucks when you lose a player that week or longer is Continue reading How to fix Fantasy injuries

Almost Varsity Sports Podcast Episode 2

On this early week addition of the podcast LJ and Steve break down all the different options available for Fantasy Football along with Sleepers/Bust picks for your fantasy needs.  Special Highly Recruited/ Highly Educated segment also makes an appearance with some NFL players who just can’t help themselves.