My History with Giants Jerseys

Yesterday the NFL unveiled the color rush uniforms for all Thursday games. Normally the Thursday Games are not exciting, they have produced some poor football the past few years but that is another story.  This is about what the players wear on the field or more importantly how much money can the NFL get from their fans.  Some of them are pretty cool, like the Seahawks and Broncos.  Others are really bad / boring like the Jags and Texans. Check out all the teams here. The Giants one are cool, they are pretty much throwbacks uniforms not much of a color Continue reading My History with Giants Jerseys

Water Cooler Mondays

Week 2 of college football is all done and the big boys of the NFL returned.  Football is back in full force but that is not the only sport that had some headlines this week.  Here you help you with that awkward water cooler Monday talk. How was your weekend?  Did you watch that game? College Football This schedule was pretty weak but we did see some scares and some drama.  Central Michigan last minute Hail Hary on the road vs a ranked Oklahoma State team! No way that happened but it did. That was definitely not the real plan but Continue reading Water Cooler Mondays

NFC Least

The NFC East was once a powerhouse division in the NFL.  They had it all America’s Team, The New York Football Giants, Eagles had playoffs tickets on sale by week 8 and the Skins well where the Skins but RG3 took the NFL by storm last year.  Now things have changed and they have changed fast. Dallas has one of the best wideouts in football but he has emotional issues with everyone.  Giants have a 2 time Super Bowl MVP but he is making throws of an undrafted rookie, Eagles are a revolving door at QB and Redskins have some Continue reading NFC Least

Aristotle’s NFL

Aristotle, the ultimate thinking man.  Football, the ultimate sport of man.  When going through this past week’s NFL action, we wondered what better way to dissect the games than to have humanity’s ultimate authority on all things philosophy and logic chime in and help us?  At first this seemed like a stretch.  Why would Aristotle take tame out of his busy day of answering life’s biggest questions to comment on some NFL topics for AVS?  However, the more we asked and asked (and eventually begged),he finally agreed to help us with this column…with one stipulation.  Aristotle is a man of questions.  He does this as a learning tool for himself Continue reading Aristotle’s NFL