The Circus Returns to MSG

Good news, Derrick Rose was at practice yesterday and will suit up for the Knicks in tonight’s game vs the Sixers.  The bad news is he isn’t returning from an injury, he is returning from going AWOL and literally not showing up to the Knicks home game vs the Pelicans.  A game that Knicks needed to win, and subsequently lost by 14 at home to the PELICANS, they we down 30 at one point.   Then there was this… Perfect timing by Rose to put out this request.  Such a classic Knicks’ player move, strike when the iron is hot, no Continue reading The Circus Returns to MSG

New York Knicks Preview

Tonight the NBA gets underway!  Opening night means a lot of things across the league but for Knicks fans its means optimism.  Even if false optimism, New York fans always think this will be the year everything turns around and a long playoff run in coming in the following months.  We know how things usually work out and Knicks fans will hate the roster and how the season shakes out but that is future Steve’s problem.  Right now its time to looks at this roster and see what the biggest questions/ issues will be for the New York Knickerbockers. Projected Starting Continue reading New York Knicks Preview

Pick your Conference

I wish I could say this was my idea but the someone at ESPN said something i found extremely interesting that could relate to all sports but right now let focus on the NBA.  What if your conference was a tradable asset?  Could teams swap conferences in exchange for draft picks, players, or straight up for swapping conferences? Let’s not think about the silly stuff like well what about travel and rivalries, who cares this could be lots of fun.  Look at the NBA this year besides the Heat the next top 10 teams are probably playing in the West. Continue reading Pick your Conference

Can the Knicks be saved?!

After years of misery being a Knicks fan, it looked at if things may turn a corner.  They went out and singed a big time free agent in A’mare with the hopes of signing another player to play Batman and Robin.  Well it did not work.  Instead of being patient and waiting for Camelo to become a free agent.  Dolan made a panic move, one that may of needed to happen, to bring him ‘home’ half a season earlier.  I was jacked up ready for the my team to win at the Most Famous Arena after this video: Looking back Continue reading Can the Knicks be saved?!

Kevin Durant and the Thunder Legacy

As we are approaching the start of the NBA season, the biggest story line will be LeBron James and the Miami Heat.  They will begin their quest for the highly coveted 3 peat.  LeBron continues to tell people that he gets better every year and he has proven that to be true so there is no reason not to think another MVP season is on the way.  This leads us to my question:  Did Thunder management ruin Kevin Durant’s legacy and his chance to be one of the greatest ever?  Will it be a Charles Barkley situation or can he Continue reading Kevin Durant and the Thunder Legacy