The Baby Bombers Might Be Ready Now?!

Last month the Yankees finally did something they never do, sell at the deadline.  Brian Cashman knew this needed to happen in order for the playoffs to return to the Bronx.  He did an amazing job at revamping the farm system in just one week. They now have a Top 3 Farm System in all of baseball. The next goal is wait it out and see in a few years what Free Agency plus young talent can do together in 2018 and beyond.


But their “problem” might be that the Baby Bombers are ready now to make a real impact.  Part of the reason for trading away Chapman, Miller, Beltran and ARod was to tank and let some prospects (Sanchez/Judge/Austin) come to the big leagues and struggle/learn of the fly… Well that struggle hasn’t happened yet.

Let’s start with the hottest hitter in baseball, legit the hottest hitter in baseball, Gary Sanchez.  “El Gary” is hitting everything at the plate and throwing everyone out on the bases.  Gary has been in the Yankees system since he was 16, he signed one of the biggest international bonuses at the time at a unreal young age.  The tools are there but was is work ethic, sometimes definitely was not, but now it looks like he has turned this around.  Brian McCann is another useless DH and should be shipped to Atlanta during the winter.  The catching duties belong to Sanchez.  We need to give Cashman tons of credit here, Sanchez struggled for a few years in the minors but he trusted his scouts and resisting any temptation to trade him.  We are just starting to see benefit of that patience.

Aaron Judge and Tyler Austin are receiving real playing time as well, while they are over shadowed by Sanchez they look like they belong in the Bronx too.  Judge is legit a monster, his size is something very rare in the MLB.  He is already 24 but if he gets a hold of a baseball that ball may never land.  Austin will need to fight for playing time next year with Greg Bird coming back but he will get at bats and may become a valuable trade piece for Cashman.

The plan is wait for 2018 and the big free agents (What Up, Harper/Fernadez/Macado) but if the Yankees make a push this year for a WC spot (they won’t) will Cashman made some moves to contend in 2017.  Chris Sale possibly?  The return of Chapman?

Sanchez is setting Yankee records every night it seems like.  Judge and Austin went back to back in their first ever at bats means their bats will forever be Cooperstown.  One can only hope this next young core of Pinstripes play like they want to end up in Cooperstown as well.

Either way the Yankees are coming and it might be little ahead of schedule.

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