Waiver Wire Wednesday 9.17

Top 5 Pickups on Waiver Wire Wednesday

Welcome to the second installment of the Waiver Wire Wednesday post. Just like last week, we are providing you with 5 hot pick-ups to help your team survive that major injury or underperforming early round pick.

As a reminder, here is how our picks are presented:

  • Name, position and team of player
  • Percentage that player is owned in ESPN and Yahoo Fantasy Football leagues
  • Last week’s stat line (catches or rushes / yards / TDs)
  • Next week’s opponent
  • Comments

DeAndre Hopkins – WR, Houston Texans

  • ESPN: 67%, Yahoo: 52%
  • 7/117/1
  • @ Baltimore Ravens
  • Hopkins has secured his role as the number 2 receiver for the Houston Texans (potentially) high-powered offense. Hopkins is an extremely talented rookie, which would have been a definite late round selection in most drafts if it wasn’t for his concussion in the pre-season. He is my number 1 pick up because he has the potential to be a weekly WR3/Flex starter from here on out. If he is still available, he is well worth your waiver selection.

James Starks – RB, Green Bay Packers

  • ESPN: 6.2%, Yahoo: 14%
  • Rushing: 20/132/1, Receiving: 4/36/0
  • @ Cincinnati Bengals
  • Concussions are still a very uncertain science, and there has been 0 indication how Eddie Lacy is handling his. This means that James Starks is the next man up in the Packers back field. Mike McCarthy is determined to establish a credible running attack to force opposing defenses to play their safeties closer to the line of scrimmage and not be able to drop back into Cover 2 every play. Starks is healthy for the first time since his amazing playoff run that helped the Packers win the Super Bowl in 2010. With Lacy’s condition unknown, Starks is a potential RB2, and a safe RB3..

Jacquizz Rodgers – RB, Atlanta Falcons

  • ESPN: 23%, Yahoo: 81.7%
  • Rushing: 11/17/10, Receiving: 4/28/0
  • @ Miami Dolphins
  • Similar to Starks, Rodgers is in this position because of an injury to the starting RB, in this case Steven Jackson. Jackson’s injury is expected to be of the multi-week variety, and could possibly linger much longer. Jackson’s durability was a major question mark coming into this season, and for good reason. Similar to the Packers, the Falcons want to establish a running game to open up the passing attack for Matt Ryan and his incredibly talented receiving and TE corps. Rodgers is more valuable in PPR leagues than normal, but he is a RB3 candidate with Jackson down.

Tyler Eifert – TE, Cincinnati Bengals

  • ESPN: 8.1%, Yahoo: 20%
  • 3/66/0
  • vs Green Bay Packers
  • The first round pick (21st overall) has all the talent in the world, and his role in the Cincinnati offense is starting to come into view. With a matchup against the Packers next week, who have struggled against TE’s and larger WR’s, Eifert is a sneaky play this week. The TE market is starting to look stronger than it did coming into the season, and we like Eifert to continue to progress as the season goes along. If you have a TE that isn’t within the top 5, I would consider giving Eifert a look.

Eddie Royal – WR, San Diego Chargers

  • ESPN: 18.7%, Yahoo: 24%
  • 7/90/3
  • @ Tennessee Titans
  • There is a good chance that Eddie Royal doesn’t make it to double digit touchdowns, and that’s saying something since he already has 5 through two weeks, but this doesn’t change the fact that Rivers trusts him as a go to slot receiver. With all of the injuries to the WR corp, and the inconsistent running game, Eddie Royal has positioned himself as a guy who will get 7-10 targets a game. He has WR3 potential for the rest of the season.



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