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Week 2 of college football is all done and the big boys of the NFL returned.  Football is back in full force but that is not the only sport that had some headlines this week.  Here you help you with that awkward water cooler Monday talk.

How was your weekend?  Did you watch that game?

College Football

This schedule was pretty weak but we did see some scares and some drama.  Central Michigan last minute Hail Hary on the road vs a ranked Oklahoma State team! No way that happened but it did. That was definitely not the real plan but the sense of mind by the receiver to toss that ball back is why college is great.

Clemson has a scare almost losing to Troy. It might of killed our boy, LJ, on his birthday but they pulled it off.  Not what you want to see from a National Title team but win is a win, unless in College football they value wins differently to determine playoffs…..

Some other CFB notes.  L’ville Lamar Jackson looks like a Heisman winner jumping over everyone this week, real skill on this kid. TCU is the other big team to go down and ruin their season.  The Horned Frogs lost to Arkansas in double OT, tough loss for them and our Hot Soup pick of the week.



It started Thursday with the defending champs doing just that and defending their title in the rematch of the SB.  Cam Newton almost got his head taken off but the NFL did not seem to notice.  Great game to start the year.

Always have to start with the Giants, their $200M defensive offseason has paid off for at least 1 game.  Rookie Elliot had no where to run all game and Terrance Williams did not want to stop running, thanks bud!  It is a great sign for the Giants to close out a game in the final minutes, last year this team would of lost but 1-0 baby!

Just like college we root for the upsets, and unfortunately have to give credit to the Pats.  They should not of won that game, no Brady, no Gronk and a win on the road vs the Cardinals.  Fuck you Pats.  Seattle survived their our scare from the AFC East.  a boring 12-10 win over the Dolphins the most unexpected game of the week, but Russell drove down and won the game.

Be prepared to have to listen to how everyone is the office did in fantasy.  So expecting to hear about other teams you don;t give a shit about.  But that guy that has Kennan Allen will bring in up the first chance he has.  Huge loss for San Diego.  Sammy Watkins can’t stay healthy either as the receivers take a hit week one with injuries.

2 MNF games later today so week 1 isn’t quite done yet. Are you ready for some Football?


They dont call it the Wild Card for nothing.  20 games left in the season and its getting wild in both leagues.  The Yankees wont stop winning, how is this happening.  They are 2 games out! 2 Games that is crazy.  Every game is must win for New York.  Chances of them making the playoff are slim but they are getting fatter and fatter with every win.

Same in the NL, the Mets are right back there.  They currently sitting in the playoffs if the season ended now.  Thankfully is doesn’t.  Cardinals are right there so don’t let football take all your attention, there is still lots of fun to happen on the diamond this month.

Tennis: Stan the Man Wawrinka beat Novak Djokovic a very surprising 4 sets to win the US Open.  Stan is now just a Wimbledon title away from the career Grand Slam.  he lived in the shadows for the big guys the past decade but Wawrinka may be a Hall of Fame tennis player now.

Golf: Dustin Johnson keeps winning on the links.  Very solid win at the BMW Championship.  There is a week off until the final tournament of the year then… Ryder cup time. U-S-A! U-S-A!


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