What should Dallas do with Romo?

Tony Romo is hurt again, this isn’t a shocker anymore.  He only played 4 games last year and hasn’t played a full season since 2012.  For some reason this feels different though, could this be the end?  Antonio Ramiro Romo is 36 year old, has a metal plate for a collarbone and a back that is better fit for your grandpa, not an NFL QB.


So now what for the Cowboys?  Lets look at the rest of the squad before we decide what to do with ole Tony.  Dallas has the best offensive line in football, by far.  Rookie RB Ezekiel Elliott is a beast already and with that line should easily break 1,500 yards.  Hell, with this line Trent Richardson would even break the 1K mark.  Receivers, they have Dez Bryant, and Terrance Williams.  Dez was a top 5 receiver with Romo, key being with Romo.  He will still put up the numbers but I think he has a small drop off with a new QB.  Jason Witten is still around, the Giant killer as i know him, so they have the pieces for one of the best offenses in football.  But this is the NFL and it all depends of the QB.  This team won 4 games last year.  They showed everyone how important a QB can be, so without Romo is all hope already lost of “America’s” team?

4th round rookie  Dak Prescott will be taking over the helm at QB and he has looked sharp in the preseason, key word being preseason.  I don’t care what he has done in the preseason.  He was a reach in the 4th round and this team has no shot at the playoffs if he plays like a 4th rounder.  He will need to grow up quick and learn this offense, the weapons are there for him.

Defensively, half the team is suspended for the first few game which will put even more pressure on the offensive to score points.

So the real question, is it time for the Cowboys to cut ties with Romo after this year.  My gut is that he misses at least 8 games this year.  If the ‘Boys are playing well then do you stay with Dak and begin that next chapter of Dallas QB’s?  If they suck like last year, do they even bother bringing Romo and take for another top 10 pick?  The best thing the Cowboys have for them is playing in the NFC East. no one ever runs away with that division. So unless the Cowboys go 1-7 in those 8 games, they will still have a shot to win. Which will lead to Romo rushing back form injury and getting hurt again!  Which then could lead to a retirement.

So here it is, Dallas it is time to move on.  Romo when healthy is an stud at QB, I hate to admit it as a Giants fan but its true.  What also is true that Romo is never healthy anymore.  Unfortunately what most fans may remember best about Romo is him laying on field, not throwing TD’s. Give the keys to Dak and move on.  Save the money next year to help build the Defense with playesr who don’t get suspended and you have a core to win again right away.  That offensive line give you that luxury.

What is also lost in all of this is, if Johnny Manziel tried to get his act together after getting cut by the Browns instead of being  Drunk Johnny Football he could be the week 1 starter for Dallas right now.  That is something every NFL fan really needed to watch but we will miss that now too!

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