Almost Varsity Sports Hot Soup Picks: Week 2

A positive week to start off the year and your boys at Almost Varsity Sports pick up right where they left off.  This train is rolling and showing no signs of slowing down in 2017 Come and get it while it’s hot.. HOT SOUP!!! 1H Tulane @ Navy (-6); 24.5 This pick jumps off the page. A team I expect to improve from last year (Tulane) vs a team I expect to fall slightly back into the pack (Navy). In week 1, the Green Wave defense played extremely well against Grambling and was able to get a lot of young Continue reading Almost Varsity Sports Hot Soup Picks: Week 2

College Football Preview 2017-2018

We’re baaaaaack. After a bit of a hiatus, Almost Varsity Sports is finally back in the internet spotlight. While soaking up win after win in our football picks, we brought home a boatload of $$$ for our readers. As usual, looking back through last year we reaffirmed that we know our stuff. So let’s give it a whirl with our 2017-2018 college football preview…

Trade Gronk…Maybe?!

Today in stupid random Steve thoughts.. Should the Giants call the Pats about Gronk? There were a few articles about this during the week before the Super Bowl because there was really not much else to talk about.  Now that the Pats have won the Super Bowl lets dig a little further into this idea about trading Gronk and since him a Giants Homer, should he come to NY (…NJ)?  Easy answer is both sides would say no this but that isn’t fun, let’s go with both teams want to make a deal and here’s why: Pats Gronk is on Continue reading Trade Gronk…Maybe?!


It seems like we haven’t have football in so long but that’s what 2 weeks between games will do to you.  The final game of the year.  Falcons vs Patriots down in Houston. Championship week wasn’t too kind to us, thanks Le’von, him not playing really killed everything we had going and ended up -3.2 on the week, could have been worse honestly but we will move on. Overall NFL Playoff -.4 units so plenty of time to be positive for the playoffs, positive equals money. If you like football then I can’t really say anything that you haven’t heard Continue reading SUPER BOWL XLI

Fed vs Rafa: 2017 Edition   

Tennis doesn’t have the following in America as it does around the world.  This is for several reasons such as tennis not being a violent sport and there isn’t an American worth the top billing.  I believe the main reason though is the lack of a true rivalry. Saturday night the world gets to watch Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal go for the Australian Open title.  The last great tennis rivalry, watching those early matches between the two had all sports fans glued to tennis and we get to do it again this weekend.  Reminder this article is being written in Continue reading Fed vs Rafa: 2017 Edition