Trade Gronk…Maybe?!

Today in stupid random Steve thoughts.. Should the Giants call the Pats about Gronk?

There were a few articles about this during the week before the Super Bowl because there was really not much else to talk about.  Now that the Pats have won the Super Bowl lets dig a little further into this idea about trading Gronk and since him a Giants Homer, should he come to NY (…NJ)?  Easy answer is both sides would say no this but that isn’t fun, let’s go with both teams want to make a deal and here’s why:


Gronk is on pace for a Hall of Fame career, the city of Boston is absolutely in love with him, and all of America is as well.  So why even consider it?  First off the Patriots are notorious for trading away stars, usually because they are bad influences on the locker room or they are heading into Free Agency, Gronk is neither of these things so this doesn’t help.  The next reason might be because they are wasting money on him, well Gronk’s contract is kind of team friendly 3year, $30M is great for a player like Gronk.  So the only reason for the Pats to trade him is simple, do they really need him??

He’s missed 23 regular-season games — or 20 percent — due to injury. He was placed on season-ending injured reserve in December after undergoing his third back surgery. The Pats just won the Super Bowl without him and their TE Bennett played perfectly fine filling in for Gronk.  The Pats do run a lot of 2 TE sets when he is healthy and it is deadly to cover for defenses but Bill will find other ways to beat you.  They could re-sign Bennet who is much healthier and is almost a lock to play more games than Gronk .  The Pats would be will be a favorite to repeat.

This is low blow but Gronk played in the 2011 Super Bowl and wasn’t 100% healthy and wasn’t a factor at all, actually he might of cost them a good chance to win because he lost a jump ball to Chase Blackburn, who was a high school teacher a month before the game, true story.  So Gronk has reached 3 Super Bowls; was a non factor in 1, didn’t play in another and was the third leading receiver on the Pats in 2015.  Yes im trying to prove a point that Gronk isn’t really needed but the numbers are there to side with it.  All Pats fans make it pretty clear that the season doesn’t start until the Super Bowl and the regular season is meaningless so why not get some players who will be there in uniform who might make an impact on THE game day.

The Pats love collecting draft picks and rebuilding without actually rebuilding.  They have 2 dynasties, yes its 2 dynasties not 1, you know because there is a 10 year mega gap into between titles.  Besides Belichick and Brady no one else was a part of both so 2 dynasties not 1 but whatever.  Brady has a few years left so keeping Gronk will help add a 6th to the trophy case but most likely he will play maybe 10 games a season for the next few years at best and a few high draft picks might help the team more in other areas of the field.

Do I think they will move on from Gronk, no but if they did would you really be surprised!?


Now for finding a partner for Gronk,  every team would want him for sure so that will be easy but there is a connection between the Giants and Patriots.  Yes the Super Bowls are there but I mean a respect  and a connection between upper management.  Bill has a history and loves NY so a trade here isn’t crazy.  Do the Giants need him, Fuck ya they do.  Their tight ends have been brutal since Bennett left after one year.  Yes, I see the irony of this all with Bennett replacing Gronk.  Honestly I think the Giants will give Bennett a big contract if they don’t land a TE in the first round.  But again for arguments sake Bennett says in NE and Gronk is available, the Giants have to call right?

Unlike the Pats the Giants might NEED Gronk,  they are in a much tougher division and making the playoffs every year isn’t a guarantee so if Gronk misses some games, the games he will play will be more meaningful to the Giants, also means any games missed could ruin a playoff berth, again not an issue for the Pats.

One of the most underrated things about Gronk is his blocking ability, the Giants desperately need a blocking TE, even more than a receiving one. Gronk is both, perfect.  He will help the offensive line which desperately needs help which will improve the run game for Paul Perkins, who the Giants are very high on.  Oh and yes, Gronk is bulldozer to tackle.  Imagine Gronk running up the middle with Odell Beckham over the top and Shepard in the slot.  Ooo baby I like it!

The biggest hurdle will be what will the cost be?  Well it will be very high and the Giant know the value of the draft picks so they would probably say not to first round pick.  But Hey I am a NY fan and have seen the Knicks trade every first round pick since Nam and same for the Rangers and Yanks (losing picks from Free Agency) so I know the danger of doing so and that it probably won’t lead to a title.  But I will never learn! Give the Pats the 23rd overall pick along with a 4th next year that could become a 3rd based on games Gronk played, make the Pats say no,  if they do then fine you tried.  But make them say we turn down a first round pick for a man with 2 bad knee and a horrible back history.

The Pats can survive without him and New York might get a tight end they love more than the good old days of Shockey.  Again this won’t happen but I’m not ready to let football season end so what the hell!

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