Almost Varsity Podcast Ep.10

Double digits we did it, yay go us!  This week we talk Cubs finally winning the Worls Series along with the first College Football Playoff Rankings.  Hot Soup / Homer picks are lined up and ready for the taking.  Segments include Highly Recruited/ Highly Educated and Almosts of the Week. Don’t forget to subscribe to the weekly newsletter, hits mailboxes every Friday around noon.  

Almost Varsity Podcast Ep.9

After a week of being technology stupid we have figured it out and were back in the studio (our small NYC bedrooms).  Episode 9 touches everything from the Worls Series to Penn States big win over Ohio State last week. Segments include Highly Recruited / Highly Educated, Why we Hate Notre Dame and Almosts.  Be sure to listen to the Hot Soup and Homer Picks of the week. Biiiii!!!!!

Almost Varsity Podcast ep. 8

Soooo we missed last week,our bad but to make up for it the sounds quality this week is shit. Steve is echoed for some reason sorry! Our top of the line equipment is acting weird  (free sykpe recorder),  Either way great stuff this week as we give the Hot Soup and Homer picks with a few segments. Sign up for the Newsletter