It seems like we haven’t have football in so long but that’s what 2 weeks between games will do to you.  The final game of the year.  Falcons vs Patriots down in Houston. Championship week wasn’t too kind to us, thanks Le’von, him not playing really killed everything we had going and ended up -3.2 on the week, could have been worse honestly but we will move on. Overall NFL Playoff -.4 units so plenty of time to be positive for the playoffs, positive equals money.

If you like football then I can’t really say anything that you haven’t heard the past 2 weeks.  But real quick, both teams are lights out offensively (seriously go look at ATL stats, might of all time type stats) so I think there will be a lot of points and it will come down to the final drive.  Don’t let Tom Brady get the ball in the final drive or else he will win the Super Bowl (unless its versus the Giants, which he had the ball with the chance to win on the final drive and lost both times….)

Let’s look at some of the fun bets to make this Sunday along with our winners our picks and units are BOLDED

National Anthem (seconds)

Under 127.5 (.5 units)

  • Luke Bryan was timed at under 2 min the past, even counting for the extra Super Bowl excitement I still think under 2:05 min will get the job done.

Super Bowl fun Prop Bets

Heads -115 (1 unit)
Tails -115

  • Pats pick head all the time so just thinking the Pats win the toss and pick heads all the time you could also just go Pats win toss for same price, great idea I’ll probably do that too

Lady Gaga First Song (we like 2 here)
Applause                            +600
Romance                            ev
Born this way                     +350
Just dance                         +450
Paparazzi                           +800
Poker face                         +550  (.5 units)
The edge of glory             +160 (.5 units)

  • Massive money showed up on Poker Face that this bet was taken off the board for a little bit, the odds will be moving around a ton so I’ll hedge a little and hope EOG or PF hit here. #bringbackOldMegaHitsGaga

Player Props

Tom Brady Completions
Over 25.5 (3 units)

  • Run, Edelman, check down is how I see the Pats offense on 3 downs all game, I think he clears this easy

Dion Lewis Catches
over 2.5 catches (3 units)

  • Guess who is catching those dump down. Lewis will be a huge component to the Pats offense this week like all of his props

Mohammad Sanu
Over 47 yards (1 unit)

  • Butler on Gabriel, double coverage on Julio = Sanu will get the yards if he catches the ball, he played well in the 1Q vs the Packers but then disappeared as Julio took over. He should be Matt Ryan safety receiver all game as we should be open.

Matt Ryan Attempts
Over 38.5 (1 unit)

  • If the Falcons are trailing they will be throwing the ball a lot, if they are winning they need to continue to throw the ball a lot. Throw Throw Throw this should be over 40

First Player to score TD
Edelman +650 (.5 units)
Sanu +650 (.5 units

  • See above for Sanu and well Edelman is Edelman so good chance of them score first.

The Actual Big Game
Falcons +3 (2 units) / Flacons ML +135 (.5 units)

  • Falcons are underrated, insane for a team in the Super Bowl, but I think they are. Not saying the Pats are bad because they are very very good but going half with my heart hear that the Falcons can pull this off.  They score in bunches and wouldn’t mind a shoot out at all.

Thanks for reading all season AVS had a great season and hope you join along, we will try and put out some winners as we turn towards March madness in a few month.  We love the feedback so hit us up in the comments

College Football Regular Season  +15 Units
NFL Regular Season +8.75
Bowl Season +19.2 Units
NFL Playoffs -.4 units
OVERALL + 42.55 Unitssss

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