College Football Preview 2017-2018

We’re baaaaaack. After a bit of a hiatus, Almost Varsity Sports is finally back in the internet spotlight. While soaking up win after win in our football picks, we brought home a boatload of $$$ for our readers. As usual, looking back through last year we reaffirmed that we know our stuff. So let’s give it a whirl with our 2017-2018 college football preview…

National Championship Game

One last College Football Game!  Hopefully you have been following us all year and raking in the cashhhh. CFB Hot Soup Picks: +15 units Bowl Season: +7.45 Units So close to game time.  The rematch is happening. Clemson.  Alabama. I know Clemson is the trendy pick but I can’t see the Alabama offense moving the ball against a top 5 defense. Jalen Hurts has been brutal against top 25 defenses this year. This is the chance for Clemson to take down its first national title since 1981.  The weapons are plentiful. Mike Williams, Artavis Scott, Ray Ray Mccloud, Jordan Leggett, Continue reading National Championship Game

College Football Playoff… This Is It

Jalen Hurts, Jake Browning, Deshaun Watson, and JT Barrett lead their respective teams into battle today. This is the day college football fans have been waiting for. 128 teams fought for the opportunity, but only four remain. Alabama (-14) vs Washington; 51 The Crimson Tide have been unbeatable this year and rolled through the competition (see what I did there?). Jalen Hurts has had his turnover problems this year, which should scare the Alabama faithful. Where this Alabama team stands out, like usual, is in the trenches. The physicality of the defensive and offensive lines is unmatched. Hurts has added Continue reading College Football Playoff… This Is It

Bowl Pick Em!!!!

Welcome to the First Annual Almost Varsity Sports Bowl Pick ‘Em Preview!!! While our loyal listeners, subscribers, readers, followers, friends and family made money off our giant brains this year, the rest of you missed out. But guess what?!!?! Here’s your chance to make that money right back. This article will address every bowl game with a confidence selection and a spread pick (with unit rating – if recommended). We are absolutely full of bowl knowledge and plan on going 41-1 (Can’t expect to be perfect, right?) Follow along with the picks below and click for the updated AVS Bowl Continue reading Bowl Pick Em!!!!

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Steve’s Football System (SFS): The future of College Football

College Football rankings have been all the talk this past week with the playoffs right around the corner.  Everyone has an opinion for who they think should be in the final 4 and of course everyone’s opinion is wrong.  The problem is that there is not set system to accurately make these decisions. Picking a champion out of 128 school is sometimes impossible, first they went with whoever is first in the polls at years end, wrong!  College Football tried it with the BCS, just let a computer run the numbers and boom solution, wrong!  Ok let’s have a committee Continue reading Steve’s Football System (SFS): The future of College Football