Week 6 NFL Preview

1-1-1 yesterday in our picks.  Can’t complain.  Love this week for football, fantasy and picks.  Gonna jump into fantasy and finish with picks. NFL Football Week 6 Fantasy Tips: QBs Start ‘Em: Christian Ponder, Min – Ponder has quietly put up some decent stats all year.  The Redskins are 31st in the league in Passing Yards Per Game against.  They are giving up over 325 yards per game.  This defense has given up at least 22 points in every game this season.  Bye weeks for Drew Brees and Cam Newton allow for some teams to be able to start Ponder.  Continue reading Week 6 NFL Preview

Week 7 NCAA Preview

A subpar weekend leaves me apologizing to readers.  Well not really cause we’re still doing well here at Almost Varsity Sports.  Now gamblers out there (if you’ve been smart enough to follow along) are 5-3 in the NFL picks and 5-3 in NCAA in the last two weeks.  Getting closer to our Heisman previews and bowl selections and I know everyone is really excited.  There are some big Big 12, SEC, and Pac 12 matchups this week.  Big ranked matchups, ranked teams on the road on upset watch, and College Gameday is back in South Bend for what people think Continue reading Week 7 NCAA Preview

Week 5 NFL Football Preview

With another winning night for almost varsity sports in the books, the NCAA had a few interesting games which opened up opportunities for many teams to contend for divisions.  Florida State and Georgia disappointed to knock themselves out of national title hopes most likely.  We went two for three hitting on Oklahoma and the Clemson/Georgia Tech over.  Virginia Tech showed they are not who we thought they were.  A good defense has looked bad and a better offense has looked subpar.  With this weeks NFL games there are only a few that are intriguing enough for us. Green Bay @ Continue reading Week 5 NFL Football Preview