Exit Sandman

There are moments in sports that can leave you breathless.  There are moments in sports that can leave you in awe.  Unfortunately, these moments only last for a short time but there are very few moments in sports that will stay with you forever.  Yankee Stadium had one of those moments tonight.  It was a meaningless game in New York and somehow it felt like an early November game. From the moment Mariano Rivera began warming up in the bullpen,  the sold out crowd in the Bronx was electric.  Mariano entered the game in the middle of the eighth inning, Continue reading Exit Sandman

NHL Preview

NHL Preview While America’s Pastime, Baseball, gets ready for another postseason and America’s Obsession, Football, back in full swing, it will be easy to miss the start of the fourth major league, the NHL.  Not here at AVS, where we think the NHL is severely undervalued by casual sports fans in the US.  This season will be full of action, excitement and something all other major sports do not allow, fighting.  Try and find this kind of intensity during an NFL preseason game.  This will be the first year of the new alignment for hockey and it will lead to Continue reading NHL Preview

Johnny Football is #rolling

Khalil Mack, OLB from Buffalo.  Next spring you’ll hear his name in the 2014 NFL draft before Johnny Manziel.  Well, at least according to noted NFL draft guru, Mel Kiper Jr. you will.  On his latest edition of the NFL draft “big board”, which details his top 25 prospects during the year for the upcoming draft, there were a lot of the big college names we’ve learned so far this season.  Usual suspects like Jadaveon Clowney, Teddy Bridgewater, and Marquise Lee litter the top half of the first round.  The more I looked, the more I noticed something was missing.  Continue reading Johnny Football is #rolling