Pop Culture: Hey Meryl, get lost!

Last night after my Giants got their teeth knocked in by the Packers and ended our season I watched the Golden Globes for a little bit.  Why not watch rich, mostly white people, get all dressed up and pat themselves on the back for a few hours.  Few shout out about the winners, Casey Affleck was so good in Manchester by the Sea, it was well deserved and same for Donald Glover, I’ve been a big fan of his for years and Atlanta is a fantastic new show.  Also I haven’t seen it yet but La La Land better be Continue reading Pop Culture: Hey Meryl, get lost!

Pop Culture: Coming Soon to the Movies

The Fate of the Furious This should be no shocker but I am a massive Fast and Furious fan! Since day one this franchise has been special to me and all jokes aside they actually are good movies.  The original is classic, so many good underrated quotes, and while 2-4 aren’t Oscar worthy 5-7 were awesome action movies, no question!  Fast 8 will have a different tone without Paul Walker (RIP) but I expect more of the same from the rest of the gang.  This small LA family has taken the world by storm the past few years with many Continue reading Pop Culture: Coming Soon to the Movies

Pop Culture:  Coming soon to the Movies

Manchester by the Sea OK this one is already in theaters but it must be mentioned.  Saw this movie last night so it will be biased, the trailer is ok but is does not do the movie justice at all.  Casey Affleck loves doing movies about Boston so this fits that persona but do not think of this a typical Affleck Boston film.  I think Casey legit as a shot to win the Oscar for Best Actor, he was that good.  The movie overall is fantastic.  It is a real movie about the struggles of loss and pain, it also Continue reading Pop Culture:  Coming soon to the Movies

Pop Culture: Coming soon to the Movies

Before any big time movie hits the theaters, there is always the trailer and here at AVS we love trailers so every now and then we will bring you the most important trailers we have seen to get us excited for actual movie. And yes sometime the trailers are way before then the whole movie. Man Down First off lets get the elephant in the room out the way, Shia LaBeouf!  I am actually a big fan of his despite all the weird shit this guys does I think he is underrated as an actor.  This could be his coming Continue reading Pop Culture: Coming soon to the Movies

The Power of NBA Shoe Commercials

The start of the NBA means a few things: Charles Barkley is back on TV a few times a week, highlight reel dunks and basketball being played every day from now unit July.  All of these things get me excited I mean look at this clip of Barkley he is pure gold and an Emmy winner, for real! The other things the return of the NBA brings is new shoe commercials.  While this may not excite everyone, this shit gets me jacked up.  Typically its a powerful Nike message about LeBron coming back to Cleveland, typically they help relate the Continue reading The Power of NBA Shoe Commercials