Almost Varsity Sports Hot Soup: NCAA WK 1

We’re not here to blow smoke up your ass.  We know our college football.  Five picks a week.  Take em, cash in, thank us later.  Lets just get to the picks: Wake Forest (-17) vs. Tulane; 43 Starting off with our first wager of the year on one of the first games of the college football season Thursday night. Wake Forest and Tulane are both coming off 3-9 seasons. As a reader you may say, “Why would I bother with this game?”  The answer is simple. Vegas gave this game a 17 point spread because Tulane is historically a bad football Continue reading Almost Varsity Sports Hot Soup: NCAA WK 1

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What should Dallas do with Romo?

Tony Romo is hurt again, this isn’t a shocker anymore.  He only played 4 games last year and hasn’t played a full season since 2012.  For some reason this feels different though, could this be the end?  Antonio Ramiro Romo is 36 year old, has a metal plate for a collarbone and a back that is better fit for your grandpa, not an NFL QB. So now what for the Cowboys?  Lets look at the rest of the squad before we decide what to do with ole Tony.  Dallas has the best offensive line in football, by far.  Rookie RB Continue reading What should Dallas do with Romo?

College Football’s Best Bets of 2016

Almost Varsity Sports is here to deliver for our loyal listeners.  Each week this season we’ll be publishing our best bets of the week and we’ll touch upon most, if not all, on our podcasts.  We will try and have confidence rankings on most of our picks.  You have our preview article which details, in depth, our choices for the division.  This article is strictly about VALUE.  These are the b est bang for your buck bets that have a shot to hit.  But, for now, let’s get the year off on the right foot for everyone with some NCAA Continue reading College Football’s Best Bets of 2016

Vote for Trout Already!

Major League Baseball has never had more young talent.  Harper, Machado, Stanton, Altuve, Bryant, Seager, Lindor, Betts, Correa, Arenado …the list goes on.  Even with current and potential superstars seemingly on every team, Mike Trout is clearly the best player in baseball.  Yet once the book closes on the 2016 season, his resumé will only include one American League Most Valuable Player award.   WAR is not a perfect stat.  Different websites have been known to calculate the statistic differently, but it does a good job of telling the whole story.  Mike Trout has played five full seasons in the Continue reading Vote for Trout Already!