Are The Sixers Winning Too Much?!

What an absurd headline for the 2017 NBA season but hear me out a little. The Process is working and its working well, Philly just needs to stay the course. Joel Embiid has proven to be the beast people hoped for and is on his way to becoming the most likable young NBA player. He has a phenomenal twitter/Instagram game and is also dominating on the court. The Sixers are playing well and that hasn’t been said it forever, forrreeverrr. They beat the Clippers last night (without Paul) without Embiid. That should have been an auto win for the Clippers. Over the last 10 the Sixers are 7-3!!! I don’t care who you play going 7-3 in the NBA when you are the Sixers is an incredible feat. Sixers fans are popping up all over the place and rightfully so they haven’t had a chance to cheer for anything if a while, but is it coming too soon?!

Their roster is beginning to shape up very nicely with a ton of core talent. Embiid is a star, Simmons could be a star in waiting and is very close to making his debut (I would sit him out until the final week of the year), Saric is showing that a euro can play with this team of top 10 picks aka he is really good but every will focus on Embiid, Noel is a nice defensive player but shows he isn’t much more, Okafor is the same but from the offensive side of the ball. Listen the Sixers will be good soon but they need to pump the brakes. The NBA is still run by the Warriors and Cavs with the Spurs/Clippers/Rockets right there is win now mode. The Sixers have no shot of beating those teams for a few years so they still need to be in tank mode. It sucks as a fan but they need to limit Embiid and Simmons, once healthy, even more this year. This is a 2021-2022 goal, making the playoffs in 2017 (they won’t don’t worry) or even 2018 will only hurt that goal.

I think they need to move Noel or Okafor this trade deadline, both are solid assets but they need to go. The Sixers are almost too heavy with big men in a small man’s NBA. Even if they do not get equal value, having both on their roster is a waste. Collect new future assets that fit your team better. Okafor is the more likely piece to go since he has more offensive talent an extra year on his rookie deal compared to Noel.  What is the move to make, that I am not totally sure of yet. They could package one of them or even both with a 2017 pick and try and land a star but I don’t see that happening. They also should see if there are any offer out there for the veterans currently on the tea, looking at you Ilyasova. Trust the Process!!

This upcoming draft is a very deep draft especially at the PG position, this should be music to management’s ears. They need to do everything they can to make sure they are in the Top 3 this year and that means they need to stop winning. They own the Lakers pick (top 3 protected) so they should be doing their part to make sure that doesn’t happen. They can greatly help their cause if they themselves can be a top 3 pick, forcing the Lakers to give up that pick. In an ideal world the Sixers could have the #2 and #4 picks this year, maybe even the #1 again!  They could end up with up Markelle Fultz and Josh Jackson in April!  The 2017/2018 and beyond lineup could be:

PG Fultz
SG Simmons
SF Jackson
PF Saric
C Embiid

That is one hell of a young starting 5 plus nice bench pieces and whatever they get for Okafor/Noel. That is the ultimate process goal, not winning 7-3 in January in 2017. It is fun to watch but the 6ers need to get real the rest of the year. Teams like Dallas, Phoenix, Miami, Boston (fucking Nets) all have their eyes on the first pick and the tanking will even worse in the 2H. The Lakers know this and will need to do the same, they cant allow that pick to come to Philly. The Sixers need to take a deep breath and TRUST THE PROCESS, they are almost there don’t fuck it up now, there is nothing worse they getting picks 8-10 and missing out on top rookie talent.

P.S. How mad to you think Sam Hinkie is, if this works and he isn’t there, oh man!

Editors Note:
As a Knick fan it really sucked writing this, want to know the Knicks “process”?  Sign melo to max with no trade clause, next day wish you traded him so you trade for more overrated scubs, draft the Unicorn but never play in at the 5 because you signed a dude that doenst know how hold a basketball. Miss playoffs and get a shitty pick or trade it for another scrub. Rinse Lather Repeat. Go Dolan!

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