Hey Joey Bosa, Get to Camp Rookie!

Being drafted into the NFL is a privilege that not many experience.  It is the first piece of evidence that your lifelong dream of playing the NFL is about to come true.  You shake the Commissioners hand put on that cap and get to work.  That is the usual scenario for draftees, that is unless you get drafted by the San Diego Chargers.  The Chargers have a long outstanding history of treating top draft picks like shit when it comes to contract negotiations.  It is almost guaranteed that their first round draft pick will miss some time with a hold out.  Some players, Eli Manning (thanks for the 2 championships), cut ties with the teams immediately after being drafted.

Fast forward to this year and here we are August 24th and number 3 overall pick Joey Bosa is not at camp.  This isn’t supposed to happen anymore, the new CBA pretty much outlines how much each player in the draft will receive.  Its supposed to be easy, sign here, here and here, see you at camp.  But again the Chargers fucked this up.  Bosa is an amazing NFL talent that the Chargers need on their defense.  He can make impact plays Week 1 but that wont happen anymore.  The issue seems to be about deferred guaranteed and the possibility of being released.  I understand that the NFL is a dog eat dog world and that your career can be over in one play.  Make your money and make as much as possible.  BUT, I am taking the side of the Chargers on this one!

Joey cut the shit and get to camp, go earn your money!  You haven’t put on NFL padsEVEr.  You want to pull a Revis and hold out every year, fine but then you need a resume like Revis.  You are a rookie, every other rookie as agreed to a contract and some even agreed to the deferred money like the Chargers are asking.  You are only hurting your future.  Actually miss this year, Ha! I dare you.

I like what the Chargers are doing now, they released a statement saying they are going to re-do their offer because it was based on Bosa playing all year including training camp.  He is not doing that so bang there goes some money.  Love it SD!

Don’t get me wrong the Chargers are still being childish, howcan every time figure this out besides you, dont you want the best players on the field for Philip Rivers final good years!  I’m giving you a break at the moment and blaming this on Joey. If you lose him to next years draft and get nothing for the number 3 overall pick I will laugh in your face.  But for the moment I’m on your side!

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