Hot Soup Week 6 Picks

Last week was not a good week for AVS.  Everyone is looking to rebound from a losing week.  The season totals remain close, could this be the week where someone separates themselves from the group?





Philadelphia (-1.5) @ Tampa Bay

With Michael Vick out this week, Tampa will see a heavy dose of the running game.  That is a good thing for Philly as they have one of the most talented RBs in the game with McCoy. This is a game of two bad games but Tampa has been a mess, can’t see them taking this one.

Jacksonville (+27.5) @ Denver

The largest spread in NFL history and it wasn’t an easy decision.  The best team in the league vs the worst.  The thinking here is that Denver is up for 30 in third quarter, Peyton is done for day and Jacksonville get a some garbage TDs.  Or they could lose by 70.

St. Louis (+7.5) @ Houston

Houston is beginning to look like a sinking ship with Matt Schaub at the helm.  This team has tons of talent on it but the NFL is like quicksand and Schaub is standing in the middle of it with the football.

Dallas (-5.5) vs Washington

Dallas proved they could put up big points.  Luckily for them this week Peyton won’t be matching them point for point.  RG3 has not been himself this year.  The lights of Sunday Night with Carrie Underwood could help this season from being a major waste backward but I don’t see it.

Seattle (-13.5) vs Tennessee

Seattle is coming off a loss and going home.  I expect the Seahawks to come firing on all cylinders especially vs Ryan Fitzpatrick.  He went to Harvard you know!  O, ESPN told you 500 times a few seasons ago.


Green Bay (-3.5) @ Baltimore

Despite the massive loss of Clay Matthews, the defense is really coming together and starting to hit their stride. The OL is currently ranked number 1 for run blocking and Lacy is a beast. Go Pack Go.

Dallas (-5.5) vs Washington

After having a career best game, only to become Week 5’s goat with one bad throw, Romo is primed to obliterate the horrific Washington secondary. While it is going to be interesting to see how RG3 improved with the bye-week, Monte isn’t going to let his defense get embarrassed two weeks in a row.

Seattle (-13.5) vs Tennessee

Seattle at home.

New Orleans (+2.5) @ New England

For one of the most exciting match ups of the week on paper, when you take a closer look, Drew Brees has absolutely OWNED Tom Brady when they go head to head. Brees is 3-0 vs Brady, throwing 8 TD’s and 0 INT’s. Expect that trend to continue, Gronk or no Gronk.

Philadelphia (-1.5) @ Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay, even though they are coming off a bye week, are a mess of an organization right now. The Eagles offense, with both Vick and Foles, seemed to find its stride against the Giants last week. McCoy is a top 3 RB in the league, and will continue rushing for 80+ while catching a minimum of 5 balls.


Green Bay (-3.5) @ Baltimore

I think Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers have found their stride.  I do not buy in to this Ravens team this year.  The Ravens secondary won’t be able to stop all the weapons for the Packers.  The extra half point scares me a little, but not enough to flip my pick.

Indianapolis (-1.5) @ San Diego

The Colts have looked good this year and are really starting to impress me.  A big win against the Seahawks has me buying in.  San Diego is a mess right now.  Lots of injuries and issues are piling up for this team.  Last week, Rivers looked like the Rivers we expected this year and the defense is one of the worst in the NFL.  Expect Luck to spread the ball around and Trent to wake up finally since moving to Indianapolis.

Oakland (+9.5) @ Kansas City

Kansas City doesn’t do anything to wow anyone.  They do not turn the ball over and the defense has played great this year.  However, if you are going to give me 9.5 points, with the exciting Terrelle Pryor, I’ll take that against a lot of teams.  The Raiders’ defense is close to the top ten in rushing defense and this game will be close enough for the Raiders to cover.

Pittsburgh (+1.5) @ New York Jets

I think because America was able to watch the Jets beat up on the Falcons that everyone will flood the favorite here.  I think Pittsburgh runs the ball well with Le’Veon Bell and spreads the ball around through the air.  With Heath Miller back, Antonio Brown showing his capabilities, and a running game that finally showed up two weeks ago, I think the Steelers can pull this one out.

San Francisco (-10.5) vs Arizona

I tried to hit the last time the 49ers were 10+ point favorites at home.  They burned me, badly.  It was my favorite pick of the year, and the 9ers let Andrew Luck and the Colts stomp them at home.  I think the 49ers are rolling now, with two back to back blow out victories.  Look for San Fran to make a mark on a division opponent and show Seattle they aren’t giving up this division.


Pittsburgh (+1.5) at New York Jets

Pittsburgh will be desperate for a win and are coming off a bye week.  They also finally have some semblance of a running game with Le’Veon Bell back from injury.  The Jets are coming off a very emotional MNF win and will have one less day to recover and prepare.  Look for the Steelers to get their first win of the season.

Oakland (+9.5) at Kansas City

Kansas City has really yet to be tested this year.  It has wins against the NFC East, the Blaine Gabbert led Jaguars, and the Ryan Fitzpatrick led Titans.  Meanwhile, the Raiders may have the most improved player in all of football in Terrelle Pryor.  I think the Raiders stay close for the entirety of the game and have a chance to pull the upset late.

Baltimore (+3.5) vs. Green Bay

The loss of Clay Matthews is huge for a GB team that does not have any other pass rushers.  Nick Perry has shown nothing in his NFL career so far and the secondary is still banged up.  Baltimore will be able to move the ball effectively and control the clock with its two talented RBs.  Throw in the fact that this is Baltimore’s only home game in a 7 week span (how is that possible?), and Baltimore in its jacked up stadium win by 6.

Seattle (-13.5) vs. Tennessee

Seattle will be steaming off a loss.  Ryan Fitzpatrick has little chance to keep this game within 20.

New England (-2.5) vs. New Orleans

The return of Gronk.  Watch him completely open up the offense.  There is also no tape on this Pats offense as they have never had all their pieces on the field this year.  New England has also heard all week how this team isn’t a typical 4-1 team.  They will look to make a statement on Sunday.  New Orleans is in complete control of the division after learning that Julio Jones is out for the season and will not be as desperate as NE.  NE by double digits.

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