Just End The Season: But what about next season?

We are all Team Big Blue over here at AVS but that shouldn’t stop us talking about New Jersey Team B.  The Jets have really helped us on in our Homer picks each week!  Week 17 is meaningless for both New York teams but for very different reasons, the Giants will most likely be resting guys as the prepare for their Wild Card opponent and the Jets will just be wishing the game will be over quickly and the offseason can start.  But the offseason hasn’t been too kind either for Gang Green.  They draft poorly and prioritize FA incorrectly, how much do they wish they re-signed Snacks, who again proved to be one of the best defensive tackles in the NFL but switched NY locker rooms and it will cost the Jets for years.  While I would personally like to see them suffer for another decade or so but it is the holiday’s so why not give some advice to Jets on what their offseason plans should look like:

1. Figure out the QB position

Re sign Mark Sanchez, done next question.  Ha, remember when Jets fans said they would rather him over Eli, that was fun.  Honestly Mark Sanchez would be a huge improvement for them but they won’t go down that road again and rightfully so. So what is the answer?

The Jets will hold top 10 pick in the upcoming draft and if they spend it on a new QB then we will see another decade of despair, the Jets are terrible at drafting QBs and need to stop wasting picks, they aren’t one QB away from being good, they have several holes in this team and a top pick should be based on talent and not need.  The Jets need to take the best player available no matter the position. Trust me that player will not be a QB, there isn’t a top 10 QB in this draft maybe not even a first rounder.  The Jets wasted a second round pick on Christian Hackenburg, who for the first time all year will finally dress in uniform on Sunday.  Hackenburg is not the future either but the fact that the Jets won’t even give him a shot this year shows that they already know that was a wasted high value pick.

So the draft won’t be an option, who are we looking at?  Romo? He will never agree to come over here so next.  Cutler?  Eh I like smoking Jay but he isn’t fit for a NY crowd/media and doesn’t move the real needle for me talent wise anymore.  Kapernick? See Jay Cutler argument. Petty?  Would this kid ever want to play again behind this offense line…

So my pick is Mike Glennon, 27 years old from the Bucs, this isn’t a flashy pick but it is becoming the popular pick and I agree.  In limited time showed he can manage an NFL offense.  He will be a free agent so Jets can keep all their much needed draft picks.  Glennon will not lead the Jets to the Super Bowl but he will be able to hold the fort down while the front office helps build the rest of the team and look for a real franchise QB.  The Jets will need to over pay for him (14M per year) but it is needed and don’t worry they will have the money to do so.  This is called a segway..

2. Get rid of the dead weight aka $$$$

This will be the tough one for Jets fans but the marquee names have to go.  Darrelle Revis is a hall of fame player but that man needs to retire, he has zero passion for the game anymore and has shown that on the field and with the media.  People love being on Revis Island these days, opposing QBs have bene picking him apart all year and I don’t think he cares enough to try out the Safety spot. Thank him for him time but they need to cut him, even if they eat money.

Next one is tough, Mo Wilkerson is a serious talent but has shown to be a cancer in the locker.  Yes this team sucks but you need leaders to stand behind the team no matter what.  He is signed for big money but they need to put him on the market and get some draft picks, this is a re build and wasting $53M for a guy that could ruin your locker room at anytime is not worth it.  See if a team like the 49ers or Bears are interested, this will mostly not happen but it should.

The Wide Receivers aren’t getting much help with the caliber of QBs throwing to them so they can’t take too much blame but this is another unit that needs an over haul.  Eric Decker is on IR but i think he is safe and is good locker room guy, that leaves Brandon Marshall taking the fall.  Like Revis I think this one is rather obvious, thanks for your time but B Marsh its time to find another team.  Competitive teams will find him useful so I don’t think he will be on the open market long.

I would add Matt Forte to this list but his cap number is low and the team might benefit from having a veteran presence in the locker room.  That said the starting RB should be Bilal Powell and they should look at the draft for the RB of the future.

3. Truly Support Todd Bowles

This team sucks and usually that means the coach will be packing his bags soon.  The biggest problem I find with teams in the NFL (and even more in college) is they cut the coach too soon.  If the front office really likes Todd then he needs to be the coach for the next 3-5 years.  Re-building takes time and having a coach that thinks he is on the hot seat won’t make this team any better.  I’m not saying to give him a Jeff Fischer type lease but give him the confidence to know that when the moon sets in 3 years he will still be the coach.

Jets fans are very passionate I will give them that but I hope they are smart enough to realize that they need to wait until Brady retires before they have a shot at the playoffs. The worst move would be the over pay for for an aging QB / another old FA and think they can go 10-6 next year. Take your shots on the chin and regroup.  But what do I know, my team was 6-10 and spent 200M in the offseason and now is a threat to win the NFC.


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