NFL Divisional Weekend

Week one of the playoffs did not go well, for my Giants or for my picks. Need to make that up starting this weekend.  Currently sitting at -5U for NFL Playoffs.

Remember how the early story of the NFL season was all these games suck, the NFL is going downhill, every game is so boring.  Then like in week 9 every game was amazing and those talks stopped.  Well maybe they shouldn’t of, every game last week was won easily by double digits by the favorite .  What is this, the first two rounds of the NBA playoffs???

Lets take a look at this weekends game as we move one step closer to the big game!

Seahawks at Atlanta (-4, O/U 51.5)

It’s always great went two birds go at it.  One paper this looks like a very fun matchup.  The high scoring offense of the Falcons vs the hard hitting D of the Hawks.  The problem is that this game will be played in Atlanta and the Seahawks are a very different team once outside Seattle.  They lost the Rams week 2 scoring 3 points, they tied the Cardinals scoring 6 points (one the weirdest /  most horrible games in history), lost to the Bucs scoring 5 points.  Noticing a trend?  They can’t score Touchdowns on the road.  It is pretty remarkable to be honest that his team has trouble finding the end zone.  Those games were all somehow close games because the D did their part.  Unfortunately for the Hawks, the are going up against Matt Ryan and Julio Jones who have no trouble finding the end zone. I think Atlanta has gone under the radar this year, even though Matt Ryan took home the passing title and Julio almost did even after missing game at the end of the season.  This is a dangerous team, unless Playoff Matty Ice shows up…  Atlanta will score enough that the Russell can’t save Seattle.  They have only scored 3 TDs in a road game twice this year vs the Jets (so that doesn’t count) and vs the Pats (only good win road win) so I do think it will happen this week without Tyler Lockett. I like two plays here.

Pick: Falcons – 4 (2 units)
Seahawks Team Total UNDER 23.5 (1 unit)

Houston at New England (-15, O/U 44.5)

Ugh I want to the Pats to lose here so bad, it would the greatest thing to happen in the NFL this year.  Pats fans already are booking their flights to Houston so it would be amazing it Houston flew into Foxborough and knocked them off.  But lets be real it wont happen.  15 points in a playoffs game!!! That is unreal but honestly it should be about 17.  Bill and Tom won’t take their foot off the gas in any game so I don’t expect them to now.  Not much analysis that needs to go into this one.  The Texans might not score once and the Pats will score often.  Hope you have plans Saturday night because we are in store for another boring NFL game.

Pick: Pats -14 (I love buying points so not stopping meow) -130 (1 unit)

Pittsburgh at Kansas City (-1.5, O/U52)

I really like the Steelers this year, I have them to win the AFC in a futures bet butttt ANDY REID AFTER A BYE WEEK.  This is a trend that every gambler knows and loves. Hawaiian Punch man literally know his shit after bye weeks and its not just in the regular season.  He is 3-1 in the postseason after a bye, one loss being in the Super Bowl.  Kansas City is a good team and with a trend like this we must take KC to win end of story.  Levon and Antonio will have big games as they always do but one play from Tyreke Hill and this game is over.  This should be the best game of the weekend.  Winner goes to Foxborough, can Big Ben pull it off?

Pick: Chiefs -1 (more buying points Steve you’re an idiot) -120 (1 unit)

Green Bay at Dallas (-4.5, O/U 52)

Fuck Green Bay, ok got that out the way.  Oh and Fuck Dallas.  Ugh ok still not over the fact the Giants should be going into Dallas with a chance to beat them for a third time this year.  The Giants were literally the only team to beat Dallas, Philly doesn’t count it was Wk 17 no one cares game.  Dallas has had plenty of time to rest of this one, too much time?  Nah, they will come out swinging.  I like this one to be an old fashioned shootout.  Both D’s can give up the big plays and both QB’s aren’t afraid to make the big play.  A rookie vs Aaron Rodgers is on hell of a lopsided idea but the main factor here will be running the ball on both sides of the ball.  If the Packers can run the ball enough to give a split second of time to Aaron on a play factor it could make the difference.  The big stage has always been where Elliot has shined and I expect it to continue.  If Dallas gets the early lead Zeke will feed.  I think Rodgers keeps it close and this game has some dramatics, the loss of Jordy hurts but its not as big of a deal for this game. Give me points on points!! please.

Pick: Over 52 (1 unit)

My teasers didn’t go great last week but we hit the most confident one so lets try this again:

Packers +11.5 / ATL under 58.5  (2 units -140)

Patriots -5 / Chiefs +8.5 / GB over 42 (2 units)

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