My History with Giants Jerseys

Yesterday the NFL unveiled the color rush uniforms for all Thursday games. Normally the Thursday Games are not exciting, they have produced some poor football the past few years but that is another story.  This is about what the players wear on the field or more importantly how much money can the NFL get from their fans.  Some of them are pretty cool, like the Seahawks and Broncos.  Others are really bad / boring like the Jags and Texans. Check out all the teams here.

The Giants one are cool, they are pretty much throwbacks uniforms not much of a color rush.  The helmet is the big winner , old school GIANTS instead of the NY! They also look a lot the Bills current unit which isn’t great but oh well.


I will not be buying one of these Giants jerseys because well I have a pretty horrible history with jerseys.  I have an Eli that has worked out well and I have an Odell Beckham Jr. LSU college jersey which so far has avoided the Steve curse.  But many others have failed.  Don’t worry I don’t give the money to the NFL, I buy this shit from China for like $20.  Same quality, quarter of the price.  Suck it Goodell.  Here is the not so wonderful history what happens when I buy a jersey.

In parenthesis is the year I got the jersey and picture shows what color I purchased.

Rodney Hampton (1996-ish)


Its the first Giants jersey I remember having.  Big powerful running back for Big Blue, what could go wrong.  Rodney retired at 28 which isn’t shocking for running backs but I think he would stayed around a little longer if the Giants didn’t draft Tiki Barber in the 97 draft.  Rodney only played 2 games in 97 and Tiki would start his 6 games a rookie. It wasn’t just Barber they Giants had several RBs that year and Rodney was stuck in the dreaded running back by committee and, just like my jersey, disappeared.

Plaxico Burress (pre season 2005)


This was probably worth it. Big time free agent signing, had 3 great seasons with the Giants and help lead the team to a Super Bowl Title over the undefeated Pats.  But Plax just couldn’t control himself, he could only shoot himself in the leg, literally!  I think he cost the Giants back to back titles.  They were unstoppable before the ill fated night in NYC. It was a good 3.5 years but he is on the list for what could of been.

Aaron Ross (midseason 2008)


Next up is Aaron Ross the Boss, as I called him.  I like defensive players a little more, they usually do not end up on the top jersey sales list so I try and help them out.  Again I should know that if they aren’t very good at football don’t buy their jersey.  Well Aaron Ross started 9 games as a rookie in 2007, the Giants won a Super Bowl and I thought he would be the starting CB of the future.  Aaron had a decent sophomore year but showed tendencies to get beat deep often (aka not a good thing).  The next two years Ross only saw the field in nickel and dime packages and it was a good thing that he wasn’t on the field.  Forced into starting duties in 2011, Ross was real bad and lets say I stopped telling people I owed his jersey.  He played 2 more seasons including a year in Jacksonville.  Never a good sign when the Jaguars cut you.  Sorry Aaron but the year and a half wasn’t worth the purchase.

Steve Smith (preseason 2010)


Well I feel for the first round pick in 2007 so might as well move on to the 2nd round pick.  Steve Smith played a nice role in getting the Pats to 18-1.  Year 2 he got comfortable with the NFL and in year 3 he was a Pro Bowler, breaking 1,000 yards.  He was Victor Cruz minus the Salsa dancing.  Slot receiver that caused fits for opposing defensives.  Young player that was getting better every year, sign me up.  Idiot!  Smith was on pace for another Pro Bowl but then he tore his knee badly and his career ended.  He attempted comebacks with the Eagles and Rams but he could never cut the same way and with his limited size, his career was over just like that.

Terrell Thomas (preseason 2011)

This one I feel like I owe an apology to TT.  This one is on me.  I didn’t even buy his jersey.  It was a reason game that I was attending (I never attend them but I did this one for some reason).  I told my mom at Thomas was the player to look out for this year.  He was primed to become a top notch corner in the NFL and build off a very solid 2010 season.  I said I think I was his jersey and I shit you not, Thomas tore his ACL the last play before halftime in that preseason game.  I couldn’t fucking believe it. All i did was mention that I wanted his jersey i swear I didn’t buy it yet. He played one NFL game after that, sorry dude!

Hakeem Nicks (preseason 2012)

El wide receiver de los Gigantes de Nueva York Hakeem Nicks (88) festeja un touchdown en un partido divisional de los playoffs de la NFL, el domingo 15 de enero de 2012 en Green Bay, Wisconsin. (Foto AP/Mike Roemer)

I went back to the receiver pond in 2012. Nicks was unstoppable in the 2011 playoffs with huge games vs the Falcons and Packers.  I thought the Giants finally replaced Plax with a receiver that could not be guarded.  Hakeem has massive, massive hands but he lacks work ethic and true off the ball quickness.  Damn it Steve!  He also had his battle with really annoying injuries that haltered his climb to the top of NFL receivers.  Nicks played 2 more years about that amazing playoff run in 2011.  The Giants knew it was time for me to get a new jersey so when his contact was up are ’13 they did not even bother to give him a contract offer.  Hakeem will always have the catch in Green Bay as time expired before halftime in the NFC Championship.

David Wilson (preseason 2013)


Man was David Wilson fun.  He was doing backflips in the end zone and he was a force on special teams.  He set the record for most return yards in a game in 2012 vs the Saints, he returned two kickoffs for TDs.  The Giants had their running back of the future and he was a great guy for NYC.  What a bummer, a weird hit in week 5 and his career is over.  He is fully healthy which is great but doctors are scared to clear him for football because it could lead to more serious injury.  Makes sense but this one stings.

Ereck Flowers (post season 2015)


First round pick 9th overall.  Future blind side blocker for the rest of Eli Manning’s career. Big man, I’m a big fella too. What could go wrong.  Flowers struggled his rookie year but started all 16 games and is a real gamer.  He is looking to learn and build on last year.  Solid pick Steve! Oh wait he literally changed his number from 76 to 74 this year so I of course have 76.  Wonderful!

As long as the Giants win I could care less what happens to the players I have jerseys of but I would like to be a little better at picking from now on.  Go Big Blue!

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