NFC East Over/Under Preview

The NFC East teams like to believe they play in the toughest division in football formally known as the NFC Beast.   They may have been true at one time not too long ago but it is not the case any longer.  This division is full on ugly rivalries and full of talent.  Being so evenly matched teams hurts the chances of getting 2 playoff teams out of the this division but it is possible.   Confidence wise this is the hardest division.  No one will be surprised if every team goes 7-9 or 9-7 it’s that close.

Washington Redskins (Over/ under 8) OVER
Let’ start off with the division champs.  The Redskins season will be easy to predict, live and die with RG3.  If he is healthy all year this is an easy over for Skins.  Biggest word in sports is IF so only time will tell.  Washington proved they were the real deal last year and the run option can be a deadly offense system.  Alfred Morris will not get overlooked again this year and will need to continue to build on his game.  On the Defensive side of the ball Kerrigan and Orakpo playing the OLBs in a 3-4 can be a scary combo for opposing Quarterbacks.  I believe the Vegas 8 is low and is all about RG3 health.
3 stars
New York Giants (Over / Under 9) Over
If we were picking European pansy soccer I would take a push at 9 but this is America so man up and take the over.  The Gmen are one of best passing teams in the league these days.  They have locked up Cruz, Nicks says he healthy and Ruben Randle could be a potential star in the future. If those 3 are healthy, they are the best receiving core in the NFL and they would have a 2 time Super Bowl MVP throwing to them.  This team will put up some points for sure but can they stop anyone from scoring? The Giants need big bounce back years from Corey Webster and Justin Tuck.  Prince is coming along nicely and may take over the #1 CB soon.  JPP sounds like he is on track to be ready for week 1 and can be an beast from the outside.  If this defense can get to the QB and not have to rely on the secondary too much it could be another SB run for them.  Want to guess what team I have seasons ticket too?!
2 stars
Dallas Cowboys (Over / Under 8.5) Under
Its Jerry Jones World and we are all just living in in.  Right?  At least he thinks that.  The Cowboys will always have a spot in the football spotlight no matter if they are playing good or bad.  This team is very hard to read the past couple years.  One thing that is consistent is the drama that follows them; Romo’s play, Garrett’s job security, and Jerry being Jerry.  On the field this team has the tools to be good.  They have top players in skilled positions led by a young WR beast in Dez Bryant.  Dez will need to play like the best WR in football for the Boys to succeed.  I don’t have faith in Romo, while he numbers are that of a top QB he can’t seem to ever win the big game.  That’s all the should really matter.  Ware keeps the Defense in line but will they click as a team.  I don’t see it.  
2 stars 
Philadephia Eagles (Over / Under 7.5) Under
It looks as if Chip is going to go with Mike Vick for the starting QB position.  Is it the right call?  Who knows, no matter who he picked there will be second guesses for this team all season.  Philly seems to be in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons the past few years. The Dream was exactly that, a dream.  Riley Cooper seems to know how to make the front pages, so Eagles go that going for them.  LeSean McCoy will put up the numbers but will anybody else, especially from the WR position.  New Coach, new system, so so roster.  Sounds like another Top 10 picks for the Philly.  
4 stars
Win Totals
WAS – 10
DAL- 7
Philly – 5

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