PGA Tour Championship

Unfortunately my first golf article for Almost Varsity Sports has to come in the wake of a Zach Johnson victory and start of to the last tournament of the year – the Tour Championship. While I want to examine the last 4 relevant days of golf for 2013 (no one watches/cares about the President’s Cup), I can’t begin without expressing my hatred for last week’s winner. He acts like he is one of God’s disciple’s, but in reality, the few times I’ve encountered him at local PGA events, he’s has been nothing but a selfish turd.

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But I digress…Tomorrow marks the 1st of 5 days that will decide 3 very important things. The Tour Championship winner, the FedEx Cup winner, and The Player of the Year. With $10 million going to the winner of the FedEx cup, let’s place our focus there..first by recapping the top 5 and their odds to win the Cup.

1. Tiger (5/1)

2. Henrik Stenson (15/1)

3. Adam Scott (12/1)

4. Zach Johnson (douchey turd)

5. Matt Kuchar (20/1)

Other notables include Phil Mickelson at 12/1 and currently 8th in the FedEx Cup standings, Brandt Snedeker at 20/1 and currently 10th in the FedEx Cup standings, and the cinderella story 20 year old Jordan Speith at 30/1 and currently 13th in the FedEx Cup standings. With Tiger putting poorly, I’m ruling him out this week as a winner of both the Tour Championship and the FedEx Cup. Even though he’s won at East Lake before and has a lot riding on this event (If he wins, he’ll secure all three of the aforementioned “important things.”). Whenever Tiger is not putting well, he doesn’t win, period. I’m also ruling out the crowd favorite Jordan Speith – too big of a stage for this youngster, and to be honest, if he brings in the $10 million as a 20 year old while I’m sitting here scraping my way through NYC at 24, I may swan dive off my 18th floor balcony. Thirdly, I’m ruling out Phil.   After not even playing a practice round at last weeks BMW, also admitting he does not feel “sharp”, shows me signs of lax Phil, who subsequently plays like crap.

The pick came down to two people for me. Brandt Snedeker and Adam Scott. After choking last week at the BMW and being the reigning FedEx Cup champion (hard to imagine Brandt being the first back to back FedEx Cup champ), I’m going with Adam and a clean sweep of the “important things.” Scott has had a remarkable year with victories at the Master’s and Barclay’s, and top 5 finishes in 3 of the 4 majors. Even a win this week may not secure him player of the year, but I think people have rallied around Adam in 2013.

Adam Scott, your 2013 Tour Championship winner, FedEx Cup winner, and Play of the Year.


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