Water Cooler Mondays

Week 2 of college football is all done and the big boys of the NFL returned.  Football is back in full force but that is not the only sport that had some headlines this week.  Here you help you with that awkward water cooler Monday talk. How was your weekend?  Did you watch that game? College Football This schedule was pretty weak but we did see some scares and some drama.  Central Michigan last minute Hail Hary on the road vs a ranked Oklahoma State team! No way that happened but it did. That was definitely not the real plan but Continue reading Water Cooler Mondays

Week 1 Overreactions

Week 1 is in the books and if there is one theory we preach at AVS, it is do not overreact to week 1 statistics.  In 2012, the week 1 hero was Kevin Ogletree, who we haven’t heard from since.  In 2011, it was Mark Sanchez who threw for almost 300 yards and 3 TDs and whose head is currently up his offensive lines butt somewhere. This theory is usually accurate and week 1 is merely one of many weeks of statistics. So what are we going to do after one week?  OVERREACT, of course.  The following are 10 players Continue reading Week 1 Overreactions