The Circus Returns to MSG

Good news, Derrick Rose was at practice yesterday and will suit up for the Knicks in tonight’s game vs the Sixers.  The bad news is he isn’t returning from an injury, he is returning from going AWOL and literally not showing up to the Knicks home game vs the Pelicans.  A game that Knicks needed to win, and subsequently lost by 14 at home to the PELICANS, they we down 30 at one point.   Then there was this…

Perfect timing by Rose to put out this request.  Such a classic Knicks’ player move, strike when the iron is hot, no press is bad press.  DRose will not get close to this type of deal no matter how high the salary cap goes.  He has played well at times this year, you know when he actually shows up to the game, but this is a one and done deal with Knicks.  At least it better be.  He holds the ball too much, we already got one of those guys and he doesn’t play defense.  So after saying that the Knicks will probably re-sign Rose because the shitstorm that is the New York Knicks.

Every year Knicks fans get excited because the Knicks made an offseason move that will turn this team into a playoffs team in the East, which is shockingly easy these days. You don’t even have to win half your game for that to be possible. So of course he we are in the midst of a 2-8 stretch and the Knickerbockers sit in 11th place with a 17-21 Record.  So what do we do with the Knicks??

The harder question is can we do anything to save this team?  What the Knicks should do is tank and tank hard this year but can they?  Unfortunately it isn’t an option until Carmelo tells the Knicks he wants a trade and that is unlikely to happen.  Guy loves NY and is happy with losing so that sucks.  We need Phil Jackson to come to him and say we want to help you win a title and it wont be in NY, where would you go?  Clippers have been the obvious choice for a few years now but I don’t think that will happen. The Cavs won a title and seem ready to return to the Finals so that is out too.  Toronto may the only option to get Carmelo a real chance at a title in the next 2 years besides, maybe, Boston where he already said no too.  I don’t see Carmelo moving to Toronto so he is stuck in NYC for better or worse (its way worse and I am a Melo fan).

Problem 1 doesn’t have a solution but there are other issues at hand.  Issues that Phil Jackson deserves huge blame for maybe 72 times the blame.  Noah is a fan favorite for his hustle at times but honestly this contract a major issue that will haunt the Knicks for years.  Good luck trying to unload this crap.  I was excited when we pursued him in the offseason figured it would be a buy low type deal for a guy that lost his starting role last year.  Phil did not buy low at all.  When Noah as the ball at the top of the key the Knicks offense ruins smooth and might even look fluid but it doesn’t happen that often.  The big issue is he takes up the starting Center role, which should belong to the uniform himself as he continues to dominate the NBA and grow into an All-Star.  Phil didn’t give a guy 72M to let a bunch of foreigners play over him so like Melo, Noah won’t be traded no matter what we want.

As Knicks fans, we have to realize that while every article about this team should involve Porzingis and the bright future it won’t happen because management/ownership is run by people that think veteran presence will bring the Knicks back in contention.  Rose/ Noah /Melo hold the headlines in this circus and they will for the foreseeable future. Yay lets fight for 7/8 seed for the next 4 years!!  Do you know what would be fun to write about next year?  KP morphing into an MVP candidate while see a young top 10 drafted rookie grow with a young core of the Knicks.  How bright the future could be?! But instead we are here, literally looking for our starting PG and making sure he shows up in time for when Barnum and Bailey go live.

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