The King of New York

A New York team made a big signing this week that will affect the team for the next decade.  It was for 7 years and they did the New York thing, overpay for too long.  Realistically it was the right move and more importantly the only move.

This was not the Yankees signing Jacoby Ellsbury, we are talking about Henrik “The King” Lundqvist and his 7 year $59.5MM new deal with the Rangers.  Hank will be 38 years old by the time his contract runs out but this was the only move for the Rangers.  Having a elite goalie is one of the most important things in all of sports. The past Stanley Cup champions have relied of the man between the pipes.  Hank has not produced this yet for the Rangers but they do not have a chance without him.


In 2012, Lundqvist became the first goalie in NHL history to start a career with at least 30 wins in each of his first 7 years.  The streak would of continued if not for the lockout last year when Hank finished 24 wins.  While he is the King in NY, may fans around the NHL consider the Veniza trophy winner to be overrated but ask them if they want a likely Hall of Fame goalie for the next 7 years.  I can guarantee all but a handful of teams will say yes in a heartbeat.

While he could of gotten more money if he hit free agent, Henrik values the relationship he has with the NY organization and with the city of New York.  He has gotten off the a slow start this year and was even benched for a game.  He claims the on going contract negotiations had nothing to do with it, but do not be surprised if he suddenly gets on a hot streak now that this is all over.  He has a new goal now bring the Cup back to New York.  The team is in the window of opportunity for a Cup and need their King to be on is A game.

Stay tuned for another post this week on how this another NY star should be taking notes on Henrik’s deal.

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