What is Cano waiting for?

Robinson Cano is the hottest free agent in the baseball right but there are not too many teams lined up to pay him.  The two real players so far seem to be the Yankees and the Seattle Mariners.  There is always a mystery team that could jump in and blow everyone away, I think that is the Texas Rangers.  Texas can sign Cano then trade Profar for David Price, can you say absolute stacked team?

The latest reports are that the Mariners are willing to offer Robbie 10 years $230-$240M.  This will definitely top the Yanks offer of 7 years $170M, if the Yanks stay true to not going any higher.  The real question is what is Cano waiting for? This decision should be easy, stay in New York!

I am not just saying this because Cano is my favorite current baseball player and I am a diehard Yanks fan.  Staying with New York should an easy decision for Cano.  He will be the best player on a team that will compete year in and year out, he will go into the Hall of Fame as a Yankee and will have his number retired along with Mariano, Jeter and all the old time greats.  Should I go on?


Cano needs to look at what a fellow New York great did last night, Henrik Lundqvist took less money to stay in NY.  He understands what being in NY means.  Hank is a fashion sports icon, he loves the NY life and knew the smaller contract is worth it.  This sounds exactly like what Robinson Cano should do.  Robbie loves NY nightlife, they traded Melky Cabrera years ago because he and Cano were partying too much.  Heck he signed with Jay Z, another NY icon.  I am not saying Cano should not try and leverage the Seattle deal to try and get more money from Cashman but if Cashman holds him ground Cano needs to cave.


Seattle is a great sports town, look at the Seahawks fan base.  The Supersonics where huge and deserve another NBA team but that spirit is not there for the Mariners right now.  Could signing Cano give the city the baseball jump it needs? Absolutely, but Cano does not need to take that change of it failing.  Look Ken Griffery Jr was an icon but he left, A Rod was the best player the world has ever seen and he left.  the list goes on.  I understand most the moves where financial but Seattle is not the move.  Taking the less money in NY will result in him earning more in endorsements.  He is friends with Jay-Z!  New York is marketing gold for Robbie Cano, don’t you know?  (Damn it John Sterling you always sneak in everything)


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