NFL Training Camp Outlook

Top 5 Storylines for NFL Training Camp

1. RGIII’s health
Robert Griffin III dazzled the NFL in his rookie year, leading the Redskins to a NFC East division title.  Unfortunately, RGIII’s style of play cost the Skins a chance at a Super Bowl run once he went down with an ACL injury.  For the past few decades a torn ACL required 12 months of recovery, but he’s been fully cleared already!  He will need to be be careful with every snap he takes in practice.  Week 1 may still be an option but the smart play would be to let him sit a little longer.  Will Mike Shanahan make the right move this season with his stud QB?  Will RGIII be able to sit patiently a little longer?  Yes, the Skins have a chance to repeat as division winners, but the long term goals of the organization need to take the lead.  Taking any hits or playing in preseason games does not seem like the smart thing to do.
2. The Patriots
I am not going to spend a lot of time on Aaron Hernandez, he is out the of league and can enjoy prison for the rest of this life.  He does leave a huge whole at the TE position for the Pats especially with Gronks’ status up in the air.  As talented as Gronk is he needs to learn to stop being the awesome party boy and become a seasoned vet with HOF potential.  He needs to get healthy and be at his best.  I want to say this is looking like a rebuilding year for the Pats, they lost two top receivers (Welker and Hernandez), but these are the Pats and Tom Brady still is an elite QB.  10 wins seems too easy for him and they will most likely be in the playoffs but it will be an interesting training camp with so many receptions to replace.  On to number 3… ooo Wait!  TEBOWWWWW!
3.  NFL Drug Policy
With so much talk in the MLB the past few months on steriods, the NFL seems to have an handle on their drug policy.  To make it simple, you failed sit 4 games and shut up.  The biggest cause of these suspension lately have been for Adderall,  It remains to be seen why these players cant stay off the stuff.  Yes, looking at you Seattle.  The biggest name to fall is Von Miller, while not official yet it looks at he will miss the first 4 games for the Broncos.  It is rumored to be a failed test in his rookie hear of meth and weed.  Why did they wait so long?  Was the NFL protecting him?  This will be a big blow for the Broncos, but they will survive.  As hard as these leagues try to keep the game clean there will always bee cheaters looking to get ahead.
The herd of Eagles QBs
4. Eagles QB Battle
Chip Kelly steps into a very dicey situation.  There are 3 players who believe they will be the starting QB this year that includes rookie Matt Barkely, Mike Vick and Sunshine Nick Foles. All three will be learning a new offense, an offense that hasn’t worked in the NFL before.  There is no safe option for Chip.  Could Mike Vick play like the Mike Vick of a couple seasons ago?  He will have to prove it in the preseason or his career might be over.  Foles and Barkley they are out there with something to prove.  They’re hoping this is the start of becoming a franchise QB.  The media will be all over this battle, but the decision wont come until after a few preseason games and it is a move that could ruin Chip Kelly’s NFL coaching career before it even starts.
5.Fantasy Drafts
Fantasy Football consumes the lives of most males during the fall and winter.  Whether it is a keeper, standard or PPR league, training camp and preseason is were is all starts.  Did you keeper get hurt and is out for the year already.  What rookies are worth a high pick?  Who will be the break out star ala Victor Cruz a few years ago?  Fantasy Draft day is something we look forward to for months, it is the unofficial kick off to the football season.  This billion dollar industry is no joke and you don’t want to start the season already at a disadvantage.  Don’t worry ESPN only spends 45 minutes of every Sportscenter on football so the information is out there.  Almost Varsity Sports should be your go-to fantasy football blog throughout the season as we continue to grow an post articles with more frequency.
Are you ready for some football?

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