Water Cooler Mondays

Another weekend of sports in the books, here is the AVS quick hits in case you can’t remember her name from the bar Saturday and need a recap College Football  Florida State was the latest stop on  Lamar Jackson Heisman Tour.  This kid is for real and so is Louisville jumping into the top 5 in the polls by destroying #2 Florida State. The biggest upset of the weekend goes to North Dakota State winning in Iowa!  Brutal lose for Iowa as their chances of making the playoffs disappear. Don’t tell Notre Dame fans that winning is important as the Continue reading Water Cooler Mondays

Water Cooler Mondays

Week 2 of college football is all done and the big boys of the NFL returned.  Football is back in full force but that is not the only sport that had some headlines this week.  Here you help you with that awkward water cooler Monday talk. How was your weekend?  Did you watch that game? College Football This schedule was pretty weak but we did see some scares and some drama.  Central Michigan last minute Hail Hary on the road vs a ranked Oklahoma State team! No way that happened but it did. That was definitely not the real plan but Continue reading Water Cooler Mondays

Water Cooler Talk: See the Game This Weekend?!

What you do this weekend? UH I blacked out.. I think.  Just in case you “don’t remember” the weekend, on Mondays we are going to provide you with the quick hits of what happened over  past weekend in sports so you can fit in at the water cooler in the office. College Football College Football is back baby! FCB came in like a hurricane this weekend and after one week the whole top 25 landscape has changed and more is coming! 1 Alabama rolled big time of USC and showed why they are the true #1 in the country.  6 top Continue reading Water Cooler Talk: See the Game This Weekend?!

The Baby Bombers Might Be Ready Now?!

Last month the Yankees finally did something they never do, sell at the deadline.  Brian Cashman knew this needed to happen in order for the playoffs to return to the Bronx.  He did an amazing job at revamping the farm system in just one week. They now have a Top 3 Farm System in all of baseball. The next goal is wait it out and see in a few years what Free Agency plus young talent can do together in 2018 and beyond.   But their “problem” might be that the Baby Bombers are ready now to make a real Continue reading The Baby Bombers Might Be Ready Now?!

What is Cano waiting for?

Robinson Cano is the hottest free agent in the baseball right but there are not too many teams lined up to pay him.  The two real players so far seem to be the Yankees and the Seattle Mariners.  There is always a mystery team that could jump in and blow everyone away, I think that is the Texas Rangers.  Texas can sign Cano then trade Profar for David Price, can you say absolute stacked team? The latest reports are that the Mariners are willing to offer Robbie 10 years $230-$240M.  This will definitely top the Yanks offer of 7 years Continue reading What is Cano waiting for?